Foundation Repair in Houston


In this interview, Brian Spitz and Kevin Price interview Alex dela Torre about foundation repair in Houston. Alex specializes in working with Houston investors.
Intro of Big State Home Buyers
Alex dela Torre, Trinity Foundation Repair business owner (2:10)
Niche: working with real estate investors
How Alex can drive the cost of the repair down for investors (3:00)
What are some of the myths about foundation repair? (3:35)
How many people do you have and where do you work? (4:35)
What does a foundation warranty mean and what do you think of Houston foundation repair in general? (5:10)
Are there more foundation problems in this city or this part of the state? (6:00)
What is your average lead time to do a repair?
For more information about Alex’s foundation repair company, contact Big State Home Buyers, email trinityfoundationrepair[at]gmail[dot]com or call 281-221-2166.