Four Simple Steps To Go Greener With Your Business


No business is an island, and over the last decade it has become increasingly clear that business are now more ready and willing than ever to seriously attempt to reduce or mitigate as much of their environmental impact as possible. Not only have company owners themselves seen the light when it comes to acting responsibly towards the environment, but customers now demand it and many will use it as a deciding factor in where to take their business.


Yep, greenwashing just won’t cut it anymore. Industry owes a debt to the planet and communities which support it, and happily many are finding the cost savings which go hand in hand with great environmental awareness to be a welcome little boost to their bottom line. The issue of climate change and pollution is one that it is the responsibility of every business, from blue-chip corporations to the smallest sole trader to tackle. There are always ways to start, and it needn’t be daunting or hard to implement. Start with these simple measures and you’ll soon be operating in a much greener manner.


Conserve Water Where Possible


The double win of helping the planet while also saving on your overheads can be as simple as implementing water saving measures. These include tackling any leaking taps, which can waste gallons of water if left unchecked for long. There is also the possibility of installing an eco-friendly water system for your business –  a longer-term investment but once which you may be able to find financial assistance for.


Go Green With Your Clean


Most conventional cleaning products are packed full of chemicals, and these can be incredibly harmful for your health and the environment. Non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming a viable alternative and are much easier to get hold of now than they were just a few years ago. Stock your cleaning cupboards up and you are doing a small bit to save the planet, or switch to a cleaning firm which have green policies and already use products to match.


Put Recycling Policies In Place


At home recycling is now second nature so there’s absolutely no reason not to follow suit with the waste that your business produces. From adding clearly labelled bins for cardboard and plastic for staff break areas and office rooms, to implementing measures like plastic balers to deal with industrial waste, there are so many ways to ensure that your business is making more effort on the green front.


Cater For Green Transport


Transport is another area where most businesses have some room for improvement. From upgrading your fleet to electric vehicles, to taking the lead on suggesting measures like carpooling, there is a lot you can do here. Start by making it easier for people to cycle to work. Studies show that people who ride in to their job in the morning rather than commuting via car experience a range of benefits from improved cognitive function and better cardiovascular health to enhanced sleep – all of which give enhanced focus and productivity at work, so there are multiple benefits for your operation. If you can provide secure bike sheds and shower facilities, it may encourage more people to take advantage of that option. And if you start cycling not only will you be reducing pollution, but your travel expenses at the same time and also getting good exercise. Talk about a huge win.