Four Vital Technologies For Your Business



Advances in technology continue to make owning and running your own business easier, with the latest technology designed specifically to help your business operations run smoothly, to ease communication both internally and externally with your customer base, and to ensure productivity levels are high. It is important to be aware of how technological advancements can physically help to protect your business as well as help streamline processes online. For example, newly advanced burglar alarm systems can protect your premises from burglaries and theft, whereas online project management software can help to ease communication between team members and keep a project on track and delivered to deadline.


Automation Software

Adopting automation software can help small businesses by freeing up manpower, allowing employees to focus on other more important tasks, thereby maximizing productivity. Automation software is available across a wide range of services, from customer relationship management software to accounting and payroll services and marketing software. For example, automation marketing software gives your business an easy way to widen your online reach and raise your social media profile, with apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer or SproutSocial allowing you to schedule social media posts in advance and easily monitor all your social media activity and any comments about you that occur


Premises protection

Installing an advanced burglar alarm system can protect your premises from break-ins and theft, whether you own a retail business or an office-based company. Technology has advanced so that you no longer need to rely simply on a good lock and a safe in which to store your valuables, instead invest in motion sensor alarm systems to properly safeguard your premises. Similarly, HD CCTV is not only relevant if you own a retail unit or food establishment. CCTV can be a vital deterrent to office burglaries, especially as criminals may target offices knowing they contain expensive computer equipment, important documents and petty cash. Ask for security professionals, such as Eurolink Security, to assess your business premises to ensure that the best alarm systems protect it.


Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology has been a huge boost to businesses over the recent years, providing greater flexibility, and the tech continues to evolve. Using only an internet connection your business can access a range of services, such as file sharing, data backup, accounting and human resources management. Cloud software allow your employees to access and share documents from anywhere in the world, thereby making remote working easier. Your business can also lower costs by using cloud-based software and paying on a monthly basis, as opposed to paying for expert services in-house.


Project Management Software

Project management software can help your team to better plan, organize, update and deliver on a project. There is a wide range of project management software available, such as Slack, Zoho Projects and Basecamp, and all offer slightly varying services but at their core each is a platform to improve communication between team members and streamline project management, boosting productivity. They can highlight deadlines, break large projects into smaller elements, assign individuals to a specific role, allow people to update on progress, ask questions of other team members, and share documents with ease.