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So you’re going on a cruise!

Congratulations! A cruise is considered by many to be the ultimate in best-of-all-worlds vacation. You get gourmet food, comfortable accommodations, and the chance to see multiple locales all on one trip. But there’s a catch: How do you pack for a cruise that includes sea days, port days, beach days, swimming, and formal dinners? It’s not easy, especially when you consider the fact that most cruise staterooms don’t feature much in the way of storage space for a full wardrobe. To be sure you are well dressed for any occasion on your cruise, you’ll have to be a little strategic. These tips will help you look your best every day of your vacation.

Consider your itinerary

To where does your cruise travel? If you are going on an Alaskan cruise, you’re probably not going to need too many sundresses or pairs of shorts. Similarly, if you are cruising to the Caribbean, you probably aren’t going to need your winter coat. Considering your cruise itinerary is the best place to start when figuring out what to pack.

Which cruise line are you travelling with?

There are distinct differences in the different cruise lines and what they expect of their cruise passengers. For example, Carnival Cruises are decidedly more casual than some of the more formal cruise lines, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the cruise line you are travelling on when deciding what to pack.

What to wear to breakfast/lunch

Speaking generally, breakfast and lunch are more casual meals, but it depends on where you plan to dine. If you take your breakfast coffee on the pool deck, a swimsuit with a cover-up dress and sandals is usually perfectly fine, but if you plan to dine the dining room, the dress code is usually a little more buttoned up, although not much. Shorts, capris, or a sun dress are fine.

For days ashore

If you plan to go on any shore excursions, your choice of wardrobe will depend largely on the nature of your excursion. If you are going to simply peruse the port shops and maybe go for lunch, casual attire of your choice will usually be fine. If you’re headed to the beach – well, that’s easy. If you plan to do a walking tour, hiking, etc. be sure to wear appropriate footwear! One note of caution: If you are visiting a country or site where religious laws are in effect, be sure to be respectful of the rules. You may be expected to have your shoulders, legs, or head covered.

For days at sea

When you spend time on the ship, you can choose to wear whatever you want, within reason, If you’re more comfortable in dresses, go for it! If you prefer to wear shorts, that’s ok, too! And there may be other days when all you want to do is lounge about by the pool, in which case you’ll need nothing more than a bathing suit, cover up, and sandals. Remember that cruise ships are air conditioned and can be quite cool on the inside, so it’s always a good idea to pack a light sweater or jacket (or two), which will also come in handy on cool evenings at sea.


Speaking of evenings, there is also the evening meal to consider. Although semi-formal attire is usually perfectly acceptable on most nights, there will typically be at least one formal night on a cruise. If you choose to dine the main dining room on formal night, there’s an expectation that you’ll be spiffed up a bit.

If you’re going to pack dresses for your cruise, choose ones that make you feel great, but that are also travel friendly. These days, many dresses are made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics, which means they are comfortable to wear and vey low maintenance. They won’t require ironing.

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