From Campaign to Champagne: How To Make Sure Your Marketing Is on Course for Success


Marketing’s a funny mix. It’s where creatives can really spread their wings and dare to be different. It’s also where seemingly genius campaigns can wither for want of connection with their audience. 

Sometimes, it takes not just great ideas but a good grounding in human behaviour to know what’s going to work. You need to know how regular people think. 

With this in mind, we’ll go through some steps to help you ensure that your marketing efforts are fabulous not just in theory. 

What do people want?

People are hard to fathom. On the one hand they don’t want to be talked down to. On the other hand, they want to be complimented. You have to get this balance right. 

Here’s a good example of finding the correct way to deliver on the cuddly stuff without it seeming like you’re talking to an infant. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign featured a time lapse film of a model being transformed by hair and make-up, then the image being changed further by digital editing. 

The ad reminded people that the images on screens and billboards are utterly fake. The inference being that ‘real beauty’ is what real people, including of course Dove customers, possess. Which serves to make people feel a bit better about themselves. 

Sometimes it’s not rocket science

Another thing that people want is free stuff. There’s no getting away from it. This is where some nifty out-of-home advertising thinking is called for. Take this one from Coke, when they wanted to raise awareness for Zero. A Norway bus stop ad became a dispenser of free cans of the no added sugar drink, which, let’s face it, made a bit of a splash. 

Be big, be bold

Another factor that stems from our basic wiring: we respond most readily to objects that are large in size. This is where out-of-home advertising really scores, of course. A well thought-out and well placed piece of OOH can really hit home. 

Take the BBC’s Dracula billboard. By day it was a jumble of stakes piercing the billboard surface. At night, a light in the frame switched on, causing the stake shadows to fall across the face of the poster, revealing Dracula’s unmistakeable profile in silhouette. 

The effect was mind blowing, topped off beautifully with a box underneath, emblazoned with the message ‘in case of vampires, break glass’. Brilliant. 

To get your teeth into some great OOH, it’s more about the ideas than the finance. Check out sources of help like Clear Start. 

Interaction action

The final point to include is that people like to feel that they matter, like their actions make a difference. Again, this is where OOH can deliver. From Lancome’s ad registering the smiles of passers by (with a charity donation for every smile) to Skoda’s COVID-safe ad which worked on hand gestures rather than screen contact, it’s possible to make the viewer an active part of the ad. 

In sum: keep thinking, but keep it grounded

Marketing’s an evolving industry, and breath-taking new ideas are being put into action all the time. But the crucial component for successful marketing is to ground it in what people want. Give them this, and you’ve got it cracked.