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Do you recall when an UK Armed force fighter turned into an overnight multi million-tycoon in the wake of getting a world-record £13,213,838.68 ($17,835,695.89 USD) big stake playing on the web openings at Betway Gambling club?
To many, procuring – or winning – even their initial million is just shy of pure fantasy. In any case, for those on Forbes’ list of rich show, the billions they pursued came from very different journeys. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame went from zilch to mega rich in just one year. England’s own Ruler Sugar took 44 years to accomplish the accomplishment. This only shows that, for some, the first million is the hardest, whereas for others it is not the case.
Glancing back at our multi-million pound openings winner made us ponder… exactly to what extent did it take the world’s richest to influence their entre into the three-comma to club?  That very small group of billionaires.
Our most recent infographic plunges into the interesting and varying paths of the world’s 100 wealthiest people.
Who won big time with their start up and made their initial billion the quickest? Also, whose was the after effect of a lifetime effort?
Here are a few interesting facts from the infograph.  Make sure to click the link below for the rest of the story:
  • There are 15.2 million millionaires.
  • Meanwhile, there are only 2,124 billionaires
  • The average time frame for going from millionaire to billionaire (assuming one reaches it at all) is 14 years.
  • The number one industry where one will reach such is in gambling and casinos.
  • The link below will also examine:
    • The role of higher education in becoming a billionaire
    • Many of the other prominent industries which leads to billions
    • The countries billionaires come from
    • A breakdown of some of the most prominent billionaires.

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