From the Ground Up: Building More with ODC Construction


  • Tell us about your business/for purpose organization (how long have you been in business, what is your specialty, products or services, how many employees you have, etc.):
    • ODC Construction is an industry leading residential construction services company. ODC builds the “shells,” or structural envelopes, of new homes for our homebuilder customers, including foundations, masonry and framing. I founded the company in 2011, after teaming up with my old Harvard roommate to purchase home-foundation contractor, Orlando Decorative Concrete. We currently employ more than 300 people, including a full time, in-house labor force that we’ve divided into highly-specialized crews.
  • What makes your company/organization leaders in your industry?
    • ODC is a leader in the residential construction services industry because of our unbeatable, rapid production cycles at high volumes. In the very beginning, I got together with our current President Tony Hartsgrove to develop a better labor model for our construction company. Instead of outsourcing crews of small, independent subcontractors, we aggressively recruited, hired and trained our in-house, full-time labor force. We then organized our labor force into the smaller, highly specialized crews. Because of my background in technology, I was able to develop a proprietary software specifically for ODC to streamline the building process. Our cloud-based software allows our trade partners to have access to real-time scheduling and billing information. It also ensures the right labor force arrives to perform each specific task on every job every day, with the right tools, equipment and materials, and with access to all pertinent information, such as plans, change orders and option selection sheets.
  • Who or what has influenced you (book, movie, person, other company/for purpose organization)?
    • The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • What key qualities do you look for in your employees/team?
    • Attitude, attitude, attitude. I want to hire people who are motivated, interested in their careers, eager to contribute to a team and be part of something special. You cannot teach attitude. You can teach just about everything else. Intelligence is very important, too.
  • Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?
    • Surround yourself with excellent people, inspire them and then give them the room to lead and thrive.

– Isaac Lidsky, CEO

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