Gaining Perspective: Creating Great Ideas and Culture through Diverse Collaboration


At Brilliant Energy, we think it’s important to include the opinions and ideas of an array of team members. Because we all come from diverse professional backgrounds, we put a lot of importance on communication to make sure we are effectively presenting and understanding ideas. While we love to hear the exciting details of an idea, we have a tried-and-true practice of combining ideas to create an outstanding big picture.

When we hold meetings, we invite team members from around the company because we know that they all have different and valuable perspectives. We especially love to include team members on projects that appeal to their interests, regardless of their department. This is because we know that people who are interested and excited about something can be a huge help, and we want them to know that they are an important part of what makes our company great. In addition to welcoming a diverse group of people, we make sure to explore ideas that different companies and industries have implemented.

We often have design projects in which everyone involved presents their ideas to the group. They are encouraged to really think outside the box and be as creative and crazy as possible. We usually end up combining elements from several different proposals to create an innovative idea that we all love.

Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and have some “boring” meetings, but since we collaborate on a wide range of projects, we are able to meet about some really fun things that are just as important to our brand. Some of our favorite meetings include the adventures of our beloved mascots, The Professor and Beep, who give our brand the fun-loving personality that our team members know.

We will always believe that our amazing employees are a huge asset to our brand, whether they are talking to customers or helping us from the inside. Collaborative input is extremely important to us and we believe that this method not only yields the best and most innovative results, but gives us something that we can all advocate. The time we take to hear each other’s ideas as well as explore a diverse set of options creates invaluable results for our company and our culture.


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