Gardening Tips for Spring with Pampered Lawns


pamperedJared McNabb is the Director of Sustainable Landscaping for Pampered Lawns which is family owned and operated since 1967. Jared works alongside his Father Greg McNabb Owner, Brother Jason McNabb VP of Construction, Sister Amy McNabb Accounting and Kelly Aylesworth VP of Sales. Jared is very passionate about his profession and also serves as a volunteer for the Bayou Land Conservancy.

Tell me about your history

In 1967 my grandfather Dean McNabb and father started Pampered Lawns from a garage in Champions. Our father is currently the owner and president of the company with all of my siblings still involved with the business.

Who would be your Ideal Client?

Pampered Lawns loves to meet with a client with an open space that has not been maintained. To enter a property that has an over watered landscape is a dream. This allows us to take soil samples to ensure we have the proper foundation to create a beautiful landscape. The goal is to give you a beautiful lawn with very low maintenance.

What is the biggest challenge facing your business today?

Guiding communities out of their conventional routines is Pampered Lawn’s biggest challenge. Too often homeowners are thinking short term and want that instant gratification. Having “XYZ Company” to come out and treat the problem with toxins, only presents more issues. This type of reoccurring treatment strips away beneficial microbes that a healthy soil needs to support life and thrive.

What makes Pampered Lawns different from other Landscaping companies?

Pampered Lawns goes a different route by mimicking nature to rehabilitate soils and provide sustainability. We take the initiative to make sure our clients are well informed of their options so they can make the best decision for their specific landscape. When proper education is not implemented, it is what divides a resilient landscape versus one that dies off when rapid change occurs.

Now that spring is upon us, what are some key seasonal maintains tips?


– 1″ of quality compost – The Ground Up (Houston) or Nature’s Way Resources (Conroe) or Our Handcrafted Compost Tea (AACT)

– 2″ of native hardwood mulch 3/8″


– Top dress with quality compost (only an 1/8″) and/or Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT).

– Blow clippings back onto the lawn to recycle nitrogen and feed the soil microbes.

– Mow St. Augustine to a height of at least 3″ to reduce water usage, out compete weeds/unwanted grass, and promote longer roots.


– 2″ of native hardwood mulch to the drip-line/canopy; no further than  8′ from the trunk.

– NO volcano mounds – Keep tree wells low to prevent disease & root girdling.


– Texas native or drought resistant annuals – a list can be found here:

– gently work worm castings around flowers, then cover with mulch, and water in.

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