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Technically Speaking Segment: A brief interview with Keith Alper of  Geniecast about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

Co-authored by Natassia Nyholm

“Geniecast provides value, engagement, and actionable learning by delivering innovative yet accessible education and expertise to your group or organization.”

About the Interviewer:

Moira Alexander is a contributor and co-host of the “technically speaking” segment on the Price of Business Talk Radio (on the BizTalkRadio Network), whom you can learn more about at She recently interviewed Keith Alper of Geniecast (as part of a series of interviews) to find out about innovative cloud-based solutions the world should know about.

About Geniecast:

Launched in March 2016, Geniecast is the world’s first and largest marketplace of thought leaders, athletes, speakers, celebrities, consultants, facilitators and more – all available via two-way, live video broadcast. By delivering top talent via two-way video, Geniecast makes education and professional development more accessible and affordable, providing efficient access to subject matter experts for problem-solving, strategy sessions and more for meetings ranging from one to thousands of people.

About the interviewee:


With more than 30 years of experience, Keith is a serial entrepreneur and champion for free enterprise, innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership. He founded several St. Louis-based businesses and organizations, including Nitrous Effect, Eventiv, UPBrand Collaborative, and Creative Producers Group. He is also the founder of the St. Louis Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization and serves on several boards across the area.

He brings extensive marketing, branding, business strategy and event production experience to Geniecast, and has produced special events, meetings, video/film, broadcast and major entertainment projects around the world.

Tell me about the key features of your product or service?

Keith:  Geniecast has emerged as the leader in connecting the best minds in business with companies across the globe, disrupting a massive industry by offering live streaming edutainment at a fraction of the cost of an in-person presentation. Their roster of top-tier talent is growing daily (recently added Steve Wozniak), and their thousands of experts develop customized, interactive presentations that accelerate business growth and employee development.

What makes your product or service so innovative, and what are the hot button issues it addresses for companies?

Keith: The virtual nature of the Geniecast marketplace allows businesses to interact live with the best minds in business, education, nonprofits and more at a fraction of the cost of an in-person presentation, eliminating the need for travel and improving schedule flexibility. The platform also offers the ability to move quickly on solution-based programming due to the ease of setup and lack of logistical obstructions. Geniecast oversees the production and logistics of each cast, and each has the potential for hundreds of participants to take part simultaneously.

To find out more about Geniecast contact Keith below.

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Keith Alper, Founder, and CEO


Phone: 1.877.77.GENIE (43643)


More about the “Technically Speaking” segment co-host:

Moira Alexander is the founder & president of Lead-Her-Ship Group, a content strategy & creation company, and author of “LEAD or LAG.” Moira is a media recognized expert with 20+ years in business, IT, project management, content strategy and content creation. She is a project management and IT columnist for CIO and TechRepublic and creates high-value content for digital media companies, small to large businesses, and thought leaders around the world.  Her company has also just launched a new PR service for small to mid-sized tech companies.  To find out more about Moira or her company’s services, go to