Get In Shape For Women Franchise

  1. Tell us about your business/for purpose organization (how long have you been in business, what is your specialty, products or services, how many employees you have, etc.):

Get In Shape For Women opened its first studio in May 2006 in Bedford, Mass. The first franchise was sold in February 2007. The company offers small group personal training for women. One personal trainer works with up to four women at a time in a private, upscale studio for as little as $19 per session. Each session consists of 30 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes of cardio plus nutrition coaching for a complete training program for women that produces amazing results.

Clients must have a measurable goal, be committed to reaching it, be coachable and be ready to transform their body and their life, adding to the culture of transformation that is created in each studio.


  1. What makes your company/organization leaders in your industry?

The Get In Shape For Women business model was created to appeal to women 45 and older who haven’t found success with other weight-loss options. The sheer size of the baby boomer generation makes it a fast-growing demographic. These women feel uncomfortable in large gyms and are seeking affordable, small-group training that encompasses all aspects of a successful fitness plan. Get In Shape for Women’s weight training, cardio and nutrition system is a transformation model focused entirely on results. Holding members accountable to someone other than themselves is what sets Get In Shape For Women apart from other personal training and fitness programs often costing two or three times as much. Get In Shape For Women helps members set an achievable goal and then holds them accountable for reaching it, with weight and body-fat percentage checked every two weeks.


  1. Who or what has influenced you (book, movie, person, other company/for purpose organization)?

A great book to read for any business leader is “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.


  1. What key qualities do you look for in your employees/team?

Leadership skills and positive attitude.


  1. Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?

Well we are a franchise—so for us we look for the right people. Get In Shape For Women currently operates 92 studios in 17 states across the country. We expect to grow 25 percent each year toward an eventual goal of 5,000 locations worldwide. We like single-unit owner-operators, although ample growth opportunities are available as the business grows and matures. About 24 percent of Get In Shape for Women franchise owners own more than one territory, with the largest franchisee owning six studios.

The estimated initial investment in a single Get In Shape For Women franchise ranges from $51,341-$200,594 including a $29,000 franchise fee. Royalties are six percent of gross sales. Studios range in size from 800 to 1,200 square feet and are typically located in high-visibility, retail strip centers with nationally recognized anchors.

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