Getting a Business Loan


Putting up a business is never easy. There are instances when unforeseen problems suddenly surface which lead to unexpected expenses. Businesses, in order to increase the chances for success, need to acquire loans in order to enable expansion.  Given these kinds of circumstances, business loans are sometimes deemed as a necessity for the growth and continuity of a business. Applying for a business loan, however, is not always that easy and oftentimes, creditors reject applications much to the business owner’s dismay. Some mortgage brokers like Blutin Finance will also be able to help you secure a business loan but what if you don’t have a mortgage broker? What are some of the things that need to be done by the business owner to make sure that his application is approved?



Generally, there are two types of business loans to consider: secured and unsecured loans.  In the former, the creditor usually asks for collateral from the business owner to lessen the risk on the part of the creditor. The better the collateral, the higher the chances of approval and the lesser the interest rates.

Unsecured loans do not need to be accompanied by any form of collateral on the part of the business owner. However, besides higher interest rates, the creditor will have to consider many factors with regards to the business to assess the risk on the creditor’s part. 

Regardless of the type of loan though, it would be best to assure the creditor that you, as a business owner, will not be defaulting on any future payments.



Whether it concerns your personal finances or your business’ finances, make sure that your credit score is of good standing. Remember that the creditor is running his own business as well and no one likes to lose money in a business. Again, the creditor will want to make sure that you are responsible enough to make payments. The higher your credit score, the more assured the creditor will be.



When a creditor approves your loan, he temporarily invests on you and your business as well. Make sure that when you apply for a business loan, you already have a business plan or model ready which you can present to your creditor. You will be asked by the creditor with regards to your plans and you have to make sure that all these plans will be feasible as your business moves forward.


Make sure that you have financial statements which show how your business has been performing. It should show proper cash flow as many of these creditors will be doing their due diligence to assess risk.

Information regarding your business’ position in the industry, length of time your business has been in existence, as well as the size of your business, will be asked. Make sure that you have these kinds of information ready once the creditor meets up with you to discuss.



Different creditors will have different requirements which you will have to meet for your loan to be approved. Get yourself familiar with their specific requirements before applying for the loan and know if you can meet their requirements. The information asked usually involves the credit score of your business as well as the minimum revenue which your business makes. Knowing the criteria for eligibility saves you time in terms of loan application as well as effort.


Always keep in mind that when applying for a business loan, it is of paramount importance that you meet the assessment requirements for your loan to be approved. Assuring the creditor that you are worth the risk by following the above suggestions will increase your chances for the loan approval for you to eventually attain your business goals.