Getting Started As An Actor – Simple Tips For You


If we hold a certain level of confidence in ourselves and believe in our performative ability, we may try our hand at a range of careers, Modelling, voice acting and acting itself are examples of this, although by no means the only options. Yet getting started as an actor can seem like an intensive amount of quite unforgiving work. While some faces, such as Matthew McConaughey were plucked from everyday life and yet were seemingly born for the role, many actors have had to fight tooth and nail to get where they are today.


Where are you supposed to begin? Well, like anything, acting requires plenty of practice and training, to the extent that you can get it. This may not mean being taught acting in a high-profile school, but rather being able to use the school of life to help us refine our performances, and in applying our creative talents we may gain opportunities.


Yet while acting can often seem like a substanceless, performative skill, it does require quite a lot of administrative maintenance in order to make this work. With the following advice, we hope you can achieve that and more:


Gain Professional Headshots


Professional headshots are important to invest in, because they will often be the first and most impactful impression you will make on any casting agent, no matter if it’s a student project or a summer blockbuster movie. This can also help you curate the starting point to refine and develop your resume and showreel, allowing you to give a solid impression to those who may be looking for those featured within your characteristics. The more you’re able to achieve this, the better.


Start Slowly & Take Opportunities


It’s important to be the opposite of entitled, no matter how good you are. Ensuring that you do not turn your nose up at opportunities can ensure you have a better chance of being cast and recast as time goes on, and one opportunity can lead to another. For instance, performing in a student film that makes its way to a local film festival could potentially leave you as a potential option for a talent scout, and to that degree you may find work on a commercial, and from there, things may escalate. While you can surely turn down projects, don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. You never know where it will lead.


Stay Humble & Productive


Remember that acting is a craft like anything else, and so ensuring you can rehearse lines, that you put yourself in with others to keep your acting talents sharp (perhaps through a local society), and that you stay humble about your progress can be important. Work with directors, and try to give them that which they’re looking for rather than that which confirms your ego as an actor. The more you can achieve this, the better.


With this advice, we hope you can get started as an actor in the best possible sense. If you make it big, don’t forget us!