Getting The Community Involved In Your Business


Thinking Outside The Box To Overcome Hurdles

Sometimes if you haven’t done the legal homework beforehand, having your establishment sell liquor is likely to come under financial fire from the government. It doesn’t matter how well-established it is if someone who knows the law finds where you’ve missed the mark. In such cases, you may have to pay a settlement to the government.


If you haven’t built up enough of a following, a situation like this could implode your business operations permanently by sucking you are operating funds; but there are ways around that. One would be a crowdfunding campaign to help you get back on your feet. If you’ve got a popular enough establishment, you may be able to get a few dollars from sympathetic patrons.


Sell the support of patrons like a little extra tipping on a busy night, and make a crowdfunding campaign. One of the better online crowdfunding solutions is the personal donation website Plumfund, which, according to the site, hosts a: “…proven crowd-gifting platform [that]…makes giving and receiving simple and fun.”


Sometimes the crowdfunding solution can save your bacon and get you back on your feet again as an establishment providing levity and community. However, there are other times when you are going to have no choice but to go the legal route in order to remain operational.


The Legal Angle


A nice lounge, saloon, or winery can do well in Texas if it’s marketed right and you’re sure to get all the legal red tape out of the way. If you didn’t know, an establishment selling liquor is going to require some permits. How many can be difficult to gauge. Not only is the law in flux, but it is deliberately obfuscated so the common man can’t translate it.


Certainly, most law is written in English, but read a contract sometime. Clearly the attorneys are speaking another language! What’s the point here? You can certainly navigate the legal minefield on your own, and you may just have the mental perspicacity to do so successfully. But you probably don’t, or there wouldn’t be money in law.


One reason attorneys stay so necessary to modern society is because the litigious nature of modernity requires legal expertise which takes years to come by. The climate in Texas pertaining to business is better than many business climates in the US, but it still has bureaucratic legal exigencies which must be adhered to for successful operation.


What this means is that you must find legal advice from top-tier professionals who are known to represent a variety of interests in your field of operations; especially as pertains to business which involves alcohol. There’s a lot of money to be made here, and the government usually wants a part of it.


Getting The Community And Legal Protection On Your Side


When you’re on the hunt for the best liquor law attorney in Texas, you’re going to want one with experience, like those of, who can boast: “…more than 50 years’ collective experience representing bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, retailers, and other liquor license holders doing business in the State of Texas.”


Between crowdfunding solutions and liquor law attorneys, you can construct for your business a safety net that supports your operation even when “factor X” decides to throw a wrench in your regular goings-on. It could be a patron who has “too much fun”, or is “over-served” when you never over-served them. Some people “pre-game” on the sly.”


You could have a permit issue. You could even have some local zoning ordinance change legal status of property after you’ve become a community establishment. Having legal protection is important, but having the community on your side can also be an integral component in operations. So diversify your support solutions through law and the crowd.