Getting to Know Our Neighbors


If you’ve read our other articles or seen us in your neighborhood, you probably know that we care a lot about our community. We’ve always felt like a part of it and we try harder every day to be even more involved. We don’t do this to show off or make ourselves look good. We get involved because we appreciate the community that welcomes us with open arms. We want to give back to thank our community for treating us like family and to get to know other members of our neighborhood. And we’ve got to say, you people are pretty cool.

While we have a lot of fun doing our part, we find that it also benefits both us and our fellow community members in multiple ways. We enjoy getting to know them and giving them the opportunity to get to know us because it makes them feel more comfortable with sharing their community. After all, the place you live is even better when you know your neighbors.

For this reason, we take a more involved approach to everything we do. Besides getting involved and giving back to the community, we want to be sure we know our customers and community members by name. We encourage customers to contact us so that we can better assist them with their services. We are very active on social media and attend various events on a regular basis so that we can open a dialogue with the people who share our community. While we love showing off the Professor and Beep on our ads, we also like to have a way for people to communicate with us, and pictures can’t give replies.

Our involvement in the community and the ways we choose to do business is more than just giving back and being good at our jobs. It helps us get to know the community that we love so much and helps the community become more familiar with its neighbor. Feel free to pop in and chat with us whenever you see us online or in person. We’d love to meet you!


Brilliant Energy