Good Reasons for Getting an AWS Certification

Cloud computing is unarguably the hottest trend in the information technology industry because organizations are increasingly transferring their applications


Cloud computing is unarguably the hottest trend in the information technology industry because organizations are increasingly transferring their applications and data to remote servers, otherwise known as the cloud. As may be expected, this has resulted in a very high demand for cloud computing professionals. With Amazon Web Services being the biggest player in cloud computing services, it has increased the demand for AWS-certified IT professionals among organizations. It has also fueled an increase in interest in AWS certifications among IT professionals who want to fast-track their careers. A brief look at how an AWS certification can help those interested in making a satisfying and lucrative career in cloud computing:

Helps You Get Set for the Future

According to some projections, the popularity of cloud computing will continue to surge with more than 80% of all enterprise workloads getting transferred to the cloud. Cloud computing has become essential for companies to maintain uninterrupted service to their customers even in times of crisis like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, observes a report in Forbes. Given this background and the fact AWS is the market leader by far in cloud computing, it is easy to see why AWS certifications are becoming the passports to the future. With an AWS certification under your belt, you are in a far better position to get a cloud computing job in the intensely competitive job market. Armed with an Amazon Web Services Certification, you are in a better position to demonstrate your commitment to cloud computing and enhance your appeal with potential recruiters.

Opportunity to Broaden Your Professional Expertise 

To obtain an AWS certification, you need to invest a lot of your time and effort in studying and practicing for it. Further, the demands of the recertification process require candidates to continue to keep themselves abreast with the developments and latest trends in cloud computing and specifically, AWS. It means that not only do you have to work hard to acquire the certification, but also you need to invest tie and effort in keeping the certification live. What this effort translates to is that you broaden your skills in cloud computing and develop AWS expertise that will help you to transit from one role to another with relative ease.

More Earnings

One of the biggest benefits of acquiring an AWS certification is that you become qualified for a role that is in great demand by organizations. Hence, invariably this helps in getting salaries that are far better than many other IT roles. According to the Global Knowledge survey, candidates with AWS certifications can expect to get a salary hike of more than 25% over their counterparts. The average salary for candidates with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level is as much as $130,883 in the U.S. compared to $ 90,512 for those without the certification. With an AWS certification, you can enjoy the pleasure of a fatter paycheck every month.


The massive surge in the demand for cloud computing professionals is a wonderful opportunity for forward-looking IT professionals to put their careers on the fast track. As an increasing number of organizations gear themselves up for an enhanced cloud presence, the future of candidates armed with the most popular cloud certification in the market can only be bright.