Google Video Search – Acing the Video Marketing Domain with Natural Ease



YouTube users stream over 6 billion hours of video every month. That is simply incredible! It is impossible for us to remember a time that existed without YouTube. That was a time before funny fails, ice bucket challenges and viral videos. That was a time when PewDiePie and VSauce did not exist. VHS and TV ruled the video content in our lives.

Right now, videos are everywhere. If you don’t believe us, answer a simple question – when was the last time you interacted with YouTube? If you are a normal individual like one of us, the answer will be “in the last 24 hours”. Videos are shaping our dreams and our reality.

A few stats that will blow your mind

Video marketing is already massive, and it is becoming stronger each day. YouTube is becoming crowded with millions of videos every month from all around the world. If you want some visibility for your brand, you have to think beyond the conventional SEO tactics and think about advanced YouTube SEO.

According to, 87% of all marketers use video content. You are one of them. The challenge is not finding a suitable platform. You can upload your content on YouTube, Vimeo, and even Facebook. The challenge is to become visible and stay visible.

How to become noticeable on Facebook?

Write long and relevant descriptions for your videos. That does not seem apparent at first glance! However, think of including keywords into your keyword descriptions. Long tailed keywords will pay off in the long run. Also, try to rank for variations of your targeted keyword.

How to write your video description?

Writing about your product and website blindly is not going to help your case. Carefully research your video keywords. Use tools including Google Keyword Planner to find out about trending keywords and the traffic they bring in. Choose keywords leading search engines prefer. You need to think about your video platform like YouTube as well as search engines like Google while picking keywords.

How to understand which videos your viewers like?

On video platforms, subscribers are equal to success. If you want to perform well in the market, link your videos to at least one analysis tool. Your YouTube search ranks, Google search ranks and CTR of your videos will determine your YouTube influence. PewDiePie has 56,167,173 subscribers and 15,698,289,096 views since 29 April 2010. He is currently worth around $20 million USD.

How long can you keep your viewers interested?

YouTube videos usually vary hugely in length. Only professional video marketers who post regular tutorials, science videos, safari videos and tech videos adhere to strict lengths. Most videos ideal for mobile views are 3-6 minutes in length.

Over 50% of all video content is mobile. While uploading your video on a website, make sure it is ideal for mobile navigation. This can increase your conversion rates by over 80%. You can be one of the thousands of companies enjoying the benefits of video marketing by placing a do not video on your landing page.