Guide To Select the Best Online Whiteboard


Collaborative online whiteboards offer a shared visual workspace experience for a better digital solution in comparison to the previous ones.

However, where they really outshine is in their ability to allow teams to collaborate live, irrespective of where they are present. With the new normal, remote work is really in demand. Without the casual conversations that occur near the water cooler and unrehearsed talks, communication platforms can break down.

By motivating project communication to take place on a shared whiteboard, every person will get similar information that creates transparency. It also creates a space where workers can publicly share results and innovative ideas without waiting for a formal meeting.

The advancements have taken whiteboards away from normal synchronous ideas to more complicated work boards which helps in streamlining the project and allowing asynchronous collaborations. Here are some of the things that the best online whiteboard offers to its user.

Best features to consider:

When it comes to the selection of an online whiteboard, some of the features to look for are:

  • Sticky notes
  • Live cursor
  • Comments
  • Drawing tools
  • Content import spec

The best online board brings several things to the table. It comes with cloud-based applications where all the changes are saved automatically and anyone can access their board across areas and devices. Till the time you are connected online, you can access the whiteboard.

Cloud-based app

The online whiteboards fit in the SaaS model and should be accessed via the cloud to lower management and infrastructure costs. For better scalability, several cloud deployment models should be checked. This will help you choose appropriate safety and performance as per your team size.


Considering the significance of the information shared on an online whiteboard, it is essential to consider the safety aspect too. Some of the safety protocols which an online whiteboard has are encrypted transfer with top-level TLS and encryption at rest with 256-bit AES.

Wide history

You can easily refer, compare and export past board statements through the history setting. This helps you check the activities, changes and updates of all the participants ever done.

Real-time collaboration

An efficient online whiteboard allows teams of any size to collaborate live and bring their ideas to reality on a canvas. It allows you to discuss your strategy remotely via:

  • Audio and video calls
  • Moderation

Audio and video calls

Video calls take a major part of your workday. So rather than talking, you can just team your call with an online whiteboard for better collaboration. You can organize audio and video calls as per your need for your customers, team and other meetings.


The capability to moderate a board is an amazing manner to host workshops and presentations on an online whiteboard. Moderators can control the views of the participants and guide them around the board.

If you are looking forward to having a futuristic meeting with your team and wish to know what the future of teamwork will look like, then you should definitely try an online whiteboard.