Hard and Soft Body Armor


Many people hear and read about ballistic armors but do not actually know how they work or what they entail. Majority of the people think that ballistic armors only refer to bulletproof vests. However, there is a whole range of other ballistic armors out there that people need to know about. One of these is the body armor plate. The body armor plates, which come in two types, hard and soft body armor plates, come in handy especially in places where there are security threats.

One of the leading manufacturers of ballistic body armor, Tencate Advanced Armor leads in the production of some of the best ballistic armors in the world. The company, which recently launched a body armor plate that can adapt to different kinds of threat levels, uses advanced technology to produce the most durable plates in the US and other parts of the world.

Hard Body Armor

A Hard body armor comprises of metal plates made from soft armor shells. The shells are either ceramic or ballistic steel and made to fit into bests and other similar bulletproof garments. The internal parts of the plates are impenetrable because of the strong protective material used in them.

The hard armor vests come without the plates. It is up to the user to decide what plates to fit into the vests to make them more secure. Majority of the hard body armor are slightly on the heavy side. When it is hot, users complain of discomfort but after wearing them for some time, it gets more comfortable.

Hard body armors are very popular in dangerous tactical circumstances. They can withstand bullets from high caliber rifles and other shrapnel.

Soft Body Armor

Soft body armor is much softer and flexible than the hard body armor. The components that go into making the soft body armor are however stronger than the ordinary steel. The soft body armor is also less bulky and can easily go underneath any kind of clothing. Security people wear the armor comfortably underneath their uniform without showing that they have it.

Made from extremely strong material of Kevlar, Twaron, and Spectra among many others, the soft body armor also comes in different shapes and sizes. The most common type of the soft body armor is the vest. The following are the things that make the soft body armor different from the hard body armor

  • It is more flexible
  • It is easier to wear
  • It is more comfortable over longer periods
  • It does not protect the wearer against bullets from stronger rifle calibrates
  • It only stops bullets from small pistols.

Both the hard and small body armors however have one thing in common. They both protect the body from fast and sharp ammunition and other threats.

Types of Hard Armor Plates from Tencate Advanced Armor

Tencate Advanced Armor has quite a number of hard and soft body armor at their disposal. Some of the armor with the trademark Tencate Multi-Light are-

  • CXP-800 SA Torso
  • CS- 802 IC 802 IC
  • CXP-800 IC
  • CXP-461 IC
  • CXP 460 SA
  • CXP-460 IC
  • CXP-450 IC
  • CXP-360 SA
  • CX-950 IC
  • CX-860 SA
  • CX-860 IC
  • CX – 850 SA
  • CX-850 IC
  • CX-801 SA
  • CX-750 SA
  • CX-750 IC
  • CX-600 SA
  • CX-600 IC
  • CX-501 SA
  • CX-500 IC

The above are some of the armors in the wide range of collection from Tencate Advanced Armor. The stand-alone (SA) and in-conjunction (IC) armors have strong and very special capabilities that make them some of the world’s most sought after armors. They meet every security need for every user.

Who Can Use The Body Armor?

Besides the security personnel, civilians too can use body armor. In the US, anyone can purchase body armor online except for the residents of Connecticut. Here the law allows only face-to face purchases. Though some of the other states are making it harder for civilians to buy the bulletproof vests, the law is not in force yet and for now, anyone can purchase as long as there is stock of the same.