Those who work hard, win

Everyone has heard of IQ, which has been used as a measure of intelligence since 1916, but the latest “Q” is “EQ,” a term that stands for “emotional quotient.” Think of IQ related to the mind and EQ measures what comes from the heart.


The dictionary defines EQ as “measure of a person’s adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy, and dealing sensitively with other people.” Everyone has a potential to use their hearts to develop a high EQ by demonstrating compassion, which offers both personal and professional rewards.


At Princess House, compassion is one of our core values – there’s always time to listen and care.  This type of compassion improves EQ in any business setting since it’s all about building collaborative relationships with co-workers, customers, vendors, business consultants, and even with oneself.


And compassion can have tangible business benefits, as well.


Scientifically speaking, compassion activates pleasure circuits in the brain. On the very personal side, being compassionate can reduce the risk of heart disease by boosting the function of the vagus nerve, which helps slow the heart rate. Acting compassionately has also been shown to make people more resilient to stress and strengthen the immune response.


In my book, “Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success,” I discuss how positive EQ is gained through demonstrating compassion in business relationships to bring results.


Here are five ways to boost EQ in driving for results:


  • Open New Lines of Communication: Lessons learned in doing good work cross over to how we relate to people encountered in a business setting. New communication skills may help an individual overcome fear in unfamiliar business situations. Being mindful of who we’re engaging with and how we communicate such as the words we use helps break down barriers to understanding goals, sharing insights and significantly increases the speed in which a relationship forms therefore becoming more productive.


  • Work Smarter Together: Compassion is essential to bring EQ to the table alongside colleagues. Even independent business people must work well with others to help define objectives, create action plans and leverage the expertise of others. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”


  • Lead with Respect: Acknowledging that everyone around the table has something valid to contribute and respecting differences is how to use EQ in a leadership role. Modeling that behavior of embracing diversity sets the right example for your team to learn from. Putting compassion into the EQ equation and relating well to others is what inspires respect and is the mark of a true leader. Always remember to give respect in order to gain respect.


  • Take Home a Better You: What happens at the office doesn’t stay at the office when it comes to EQ. The same compassion that benefits relationships with co-workers and customers can help personal relationships as a spouse, parent and friend, too. Compassionate people are more optimistic and supportive when communicating with others – especially friends and family. Compassion can bring happiness.


  • Create a Better World: Compassion and developing high EQ can have global impact, which is good business. Businesses need to give back to their communities, and businesspeople must do good works and inspire the same compassion in others. Paying it forward has potential for payback in boosting EQ, helping us feel good about ourselves, and most importantly, offering hope and creating opportunities for others.


From its very beginnings, Princess House was built on demonstrating compassion and a commitment to EQ is at the very heart of the business.  In fact, the company’s current owners Ray and Michael Chambers, gravitated to the direct selling industry in order to provide income-earning opportunities to those with limited economic options to offer an option where an individual can choose to learn how to fish – for life.


In a competitive business world, people are often told to use their brains to succeed. In the drive for sustainable and impactful success, using the heart and building a positive EQ will bring personal and professional rewards.