Helping Customers Get the Most Out of Their Bills


Bills are a sign of having awesome services for our homes, but they don’t exactly bring about a pleasant feeling. Sure, we all wish these things could be free and paying bills isn’t the highlight of our day. But a lot of the reason we dislike bills is that we’re not quite sure exactly what we’re paying for, or if we’re paying too much, or if it really is best for us to sign up for the additional offer.

We hate being confused by bills, and services in general, so we make it a point to be as thorough as possible on the bills we send to our customers. We make sure they know exactly what goes into their services and that they’re getting the best bang for their buck with their electricity plan. We also instill a little happiness in there by reminding them of ways they can get a little extra gift from us.

A vital part of our bills is not what’s in the bill itself, but what’s behind it. We have a team of amazing customer care representatives waiting to clarify our customers’ bills and help them get the best deal. We also have very sophisticated technology that helps our team members bill correctly and in a timely manner. The combination of people and technology is just as important as the bills in helping our customers understand their services and get the most out of them.

Although we would love to only have sunshine and rainbows (and furry friends) for ourselves and our customers, we try to make the unpleasant stuff much more pleasant and clear so that our customers can go back to the important things in their lives.



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