Here is All you Need to Know about UCR and Transportation Permits for Running your Own Moving Company


Starting a moving company is never a bad idea. In fact, it can generate enough money. All you need to do is take care of a few essentials, and you are good to go. Starting a new business means that you will have to change your mindset and get ready for the grinding. Before we proceed to lay out a successful moving company map, let me ask you whether you know what is ucr? If the answer is no, then you should know that UCR is the abbreviation for Unified carrier Registration.

This system has been introduced by Federal law. It requires all vehicles which are part of interstate and international transport to get registered. If you plan to run a moving company soon, then getting it registered according to law should be your priority. That said, what comes to your mind when you think about starting your moving company? Big trucks and a massive warehouse to store the vehicles and moving essentials? The truth is that you can begin your moving business with a fleet as minimum as a single truck.


First things first…

According to statistical analysis, the number of operating moving companies in the United States exceeds 6000. What does it indicate? It shows that you will have many competitors in the market. What could you possibly offer that other moving companies don’t so that your company can stand out from the rest? We will be addressing this issue later. Let us focus on the importance of drafting a business plan. This is a rule of thumb for any business. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you can start small, for sure. However, the first thing that you will be needing is a business plan. Without a business plan, you are less likely to get anywhere.

A business plan will give you a roadmap by focusing on key points for allocating resources while you step into the market. There are a few standard elements that will have to be included in the business plan. For instance, you might want to know your competitors, how much you are investing, the number of employees, and your services.


Don’t neglect Transportation Permits

This factor takes us back to the fundamental points of this article. The importance of transportation permits cannot be stressed enough. Suppose you want your moving business to run smoothly. In that case, you will have to apply for certain transportation and relevant legal permits. The nature of these permits also depends on the state you plan to run the business from. That said, you can seek legal help in this regard from a professional attorney who can guide you through all the essential steps of opening a legal moving business. However, you can contact the US Department of Transportation directly and obtain all mandatory information on vehicle licensing and registration.


Calculate your Costs

Your investment cost will vary as it will depend on how big you might want to start. We recommend starting small. You can keep adding to your fleet, employees, and services after having established yourself in the market. Suppose you decide to start small. You will have the option of buying your small moving truck. You might also choose to rent a small moving truck and initiate your moving services after getting it registered via the UCR.

Nonetheless, if you already have a van, then the initial costs will only comprise the fuel cost. Since we are talking about establishing a moving company, you will also need moving pads, furniture belts, moving dollies, and so on. It is also recommended to get some packing and wrapping materials so that nothing gets damaged during the move. If you have some cash aside, then buying moving boxes will also prove beneficial. Suppose you are geared up with all these necessary moving items. In that case, it will make you look like a professional in the eyes of the customers. Remember that you are dealing with numerous competitors. If you want your first impressions to last and stand out from your counterparts. We recommend that you offer a tad bit more than other companies. How about some extra services or charging less on the initial moving trips? We wish you the best for your movie business. Don’t forget to have it registered, though!