Here’s Why Composite Profiles are the Ideal Solution for Your Business


Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in recent times. In fact, it can be used in many fields, both at work and in everyday life, because of its high resistance. One of the best known and leading companies in the production of stainless steel is Montanstahl. The company’s success lies not only in the extremely high quality of its products, which are forged with special, sophisticated technologies, but also in its commitment to market requirements. For example, the standard profiles offered by the company reflect the requirements of most situations, but this is certainly not enough to meet everyone’s demands. For this reason, Montanstahl offers its customers the possibility of creating composite profiles. Composite profiles open up new perspectives compared to extruded and hot-rolled profiles. Below you will find out exactly what they are and what the choice of these products entails.


This first feature seems particularly important, and it is what drives many customers to choose composite profiles. The dimensions of the profiles can be modified to suit the client’s needs. Specifically, it is possible to increase the size of the profile in order to create more complex constructions. The possibility of expanding the dimensions of the profile is not to be underestimated, as it allows the customer to adapt the profile 100% to their own requirements, even the most unusual ones. This means that the profiles themselves are very flexible when it comes to their actual conception.



A second benefit of choosing composite profiles is that several different alloys can be combined together. For example, it is possible to put together carbon steel, stainless steel in all its forms and high yield grades. Therefore, this latter feature also contributes to the customisation of the product. In fact, depending on the situation in which the profile will be inserted, the most suitable material can be chosen. So, the client does not come to Montanstahl to choose a product that fits his context, but creates one entirely together with the company.



The answer to this question is actually quite complex. Indeed, the secret of success in designing these products lies in the cutting-edge technique and advanced technologies that are employed in production. In particular, the modification and customisation of composite profiles is possible through the interaction of two different manufacturing processes. Not all companies are able to offer this service, precisely because the instrumentation used has to be exceptionally developed, and not all companies dispose of it.