Here’s Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Company


Is your business protected and secure? Are you sure about that? If you don’t have the help of a lawyer I guarantee that the answer is no. As soon as you think about setting up a business it’s vital that you have legal assistance. The reason for this is quite clear. There are issues that can arise in business that can’t be dealt with, without the help of a lawyer. If you are struggling with taxation issues, employee welfare or broken contracts a lawyer is your best line of defence. In fact, they might well be your only line of defense, particularly if the problem is already severe. Now, let’s look more in depth at how a lawyer could help you and your company.


Offer Advice

If you have the number of a skilled lawyer, you can treat them as a consultant. By doing this you can go to them when you have any legal issues. That means you can fix an issue before it affects your company. For instance, employee law is constantly changing and the only way to stay on top of it is to meet regularly with a lawyer and discuss the changes. They will advise you on how the law could affect you and how you can protect yourself.


Give You Contacts


A lawyer will also be able to put you in contact with people who could help your business. One of the biggest issues business owners are currently facing is a huge amount of AI claims. A strong accidental injury claim can easily cripple a business like yours. But, not if you have workers compensation from a top insurance company. If you have workers compensation and general liability insurance, an employee will not be able to make an AI claim against you or your company. Their off work pay will be handed out by your insurance company. This is a defence worth having and a lawyer can set this up for you.


Protect You


A lawyer can be hired before a legal issue arises. For instance, every year you have to sort out your taxes and pay money to the government. How much or how little you pay isn’t up to you. But it can be quite complicated, knowing how much you owe. A lawyer will be able to advise you when you are audited and make sure that you are not breaking the law. Similar to an accountant, they might be able to offer you legal ways that you can reduce the amount of tax that you pay.


Defend You


Of course, it’s entirely possible that you have gotten yourself into a legal scrape before consulting with a lawyer. At which point you’ll be glad you have the number of a skilled attorney. They will defend you against any charges or something like a tax investigation. If you need a tax attorney you should research online for the best firms in your area. They should be able to help you no matter what your situation is. Whether, you’re being investigating for tax evasion or if you’ve been charged with it.


Represent You


A lawyer can also be a form of representation. There will be times when running your business that you need a legal representative for your company. This might be when you are signing a new business contract or it could be arranging the supply of your product to another business. It’s important that you have legal representation in these situations. If you don’t you may find that you sign a contract that you don’t fully understand. Or, that your business partner breaks the contract. A legal representative can make sure you are fully financially protected if this happens. That means if they do break the contract they will be forced to pay the money that you were owed.


Offer A Cheap Service


Lastly it should be noted that a lawyer does not have to be hired full time for your business. This is another instance where you can outsource part of your company. Lawyers are expensive and unless you are a multi-million dollar business owner you won’t be able to afford one full time. But you can use an outsourcing service for your business. That means a legal company will deal with issues like employee concerns for you if and when they arise. You’ll save money but you will still be completely legally protected and so will your company.