High Demand Jobs In The Next 10 Years


The world of career is changing because of technological advancements and the general interests and attitudes of today’s generations entering the workforce. Other careers will fade in the background in the future, while new options for a career will emerge along with the newest technologies. There are also several fields that’ll experience huge talent shortages due to fewer members of the workforce opting to pursue a career in those fields.

If you’re not sure or confused about the career you want to pursue, below are some of the most in demand jobs in the next 10 years:

  • Sports Therapists

Millennials are into gym classes today than going to nightclubs. Personal trainers are needed to crunch their cores, and sports therapists can ease their strained muscles.

  • Teachers

The workforce in the future will require a wide knowledge base and specialized skills. It means that the world will need people to teach some subjects, such as philosophy, history, and the English language to prepare the candidates for jobs in the future. Even if automation poses a threat to the work of teachers, robots cannot get their pincers around interpersonal skills.

  • Artisans

These days, most shoppers are willing to pay extra for specialist, authentic, and local services and products. It means artisans – barbers, butchers, and coffee roasters – can help revitalize high streets.

  • Catering and Hospitality Professionals

As many people crave new flavor and dining experiences, the drinks and food industry will boom. Baristas, bartenders, and chefs tick the most in-demand skills for employment in the future that requires management skills, originality, and flexibility.

  • Skilled Tradespeople

Automation can impact manual work jobs. However, just by looking at how long a Toyota robot pours a glass of water, tradespeople are still safe for now.

According to a study, it shows that skilled tradespeople – home decorators, joiners, and glassmakers – will have work for the next 10 years.

  • Healthcare Professionals

Physiotherapists, nurses, and doctors are just some of the healthcare professionals you need to have a healthy life. As living conditions and medicines improve, odds are that you’re going to live your golden years in good health.

Health counselors help people work, stay culturally aware, and learn about a healthy lifestyle. Care workers also help assist wearable technology to monitor heart rates, sleep patterns, and blood glucose levels.

  • Engineers

More people move to the cities to live and work. With this in mind, electrical engineers are needed to wire smart homes. Software engineers are needed to connect the streetlights to the internet while you need civil engineers to design the roads.

In addition to that, sales engineers play an important role in today’s in-demand technical knowledge of the products and their market.

  • Creative Professionals

Creativity is something that’s in demand these days. Writers, designers, and marketers benefit from digital technology, especially with today’s easy access to such roles. For instance, game designers have systems skills to show societies the ways to thrive with the new technology.

If you cannot draw, it’s not a problem. The fluency of the ideas is being able to come up with different solutions to every problem.

  • Salespeople

Salespeople are necessary and will be in demand in the next 10 years for the reason that they create interpersonal relationships that inspire prospects to be customers. The best salespeople always find ways to connect with every customer. They listen to what your concerns are and present you with some options that you need to finalize your decision when purchasing or shopping around. With effective salespeople, any organization or business will achieve success.

As urbanization continues and some high-street stores revive, a lot of shoppers would want to talk to real and actual people. It is just bad news for the self-checkout bots.

  • Veterinary Nurses

The world doesn’t only revolve around human beings. With the majority of the households owning some pets, it’s safe to say that people need to look after their furry friends. In this case, more pet owners will need the help of veterinary nurses in the future.


Even if the job landscape will be quite different than it is today, there will be some professions that will stay in high demand. Investing in the professions mentioned above, you’re guaranteed to be ahead of the curve.

Just remember that an attitude of lifelong learning and education is more crucial than ever. Through constantly learning new skills, updating your current skill sets, or experimenting in various industries, you can be assured that you’re well-prepared for the job roles that the future may bring for you.