High-Tech Digital Solutions for your Logistics Department


We are certainly living in a digital age, which enhances almost every area of our lives, and if your business involves logistics, there are digital solutions that offer many benefits to the business owner. The global positioning satellite (GPS) network empowers business in many ways by providing essential real time data on the location of consignments and can assist you with delivery route planning.

Intelligent GPS Vehicle Tracking

Using a GPS network, you can keep an accurate record of all your vehicle locations, regardless of where they happen to be and once all of your vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking, you are able to control your delivery system from your office. If you would like to install GPS on your delivery trucks and vans, talk to a leading GPS network provider who would have all the solutions and can quote you for the service.

Many Benefits

The benefits of GPS real-time vehicle tracking include the following:

  • Monitor the usage of vehicles.
  • Aids with route planning.
  • Real-time data transfer for speed and location.
  • Monitor driver habits – Check for missing stock.
  • Can be installed on any vehicle.

The GPS tracking system can empower your customers by allowing them to login and check on the location of their consignment, which can be very beneficial to your business.

Monitoring Driver Behaviour

Very often, delivery drivers are not as conscientious as they could be, perhaps due to the fact that their actions are largely unknown to their employer, yet by installing intelligent GPS tracking in all your vehicles, you have a constant stream of real-time data that includes:

  • The speed and route of the vehicle.
  • Any stops or pauses in the journey.
  • Driving behaviour – Lane changing, speed and route taken.
  • Fuel Stops.

In the event of an accident, intelligent GPS tracking offers you camera recordings of both the exterior and interior, allowing you to check the facts regarding any accidents, which helps avoid any conflicts with other drivers.

All Device Compatible

There are two main ways to relay the real-time data; using the Internet or via a special app that can be installed on any digital device. You could, for example, configure the system on your laptop, which will allow you to monitor everything, plus you can print reports on many different aspects of your logistics. The GPS network provider can design the service to suit the client, so whatever your line of business, the system will provide you with the real-time data that you need.

Take control of your logistics by installing a state-of-the-art intelligent GPS tracking system that can benefit your business in so many ways. If you would like to discuss the many options with a leading network provider, all it takes is a Google search and the provider would be only too happy to send a technician to your place of work, where you can discuss their service in great detail.