How Can A Storage Facility Help When Relocating To A New Area


Moving your family to a new home is listed as one of the top five stressors in adult life along with death of a loved one, divorce, major illness and job loss. Wow! That does not make moving seem very appealing, even if it is a great move for your family.  If you have ever moved, you know why it made this list of stressors. 


When it comes time to move, people are often astounded at how much they have collected over time living in one home for a number of years. Usually a lot of cleaning out needs to be done along with sorting and packing. A common predicament people find themselves in is selling their current home while still looking for a new home where they are relocating. This adds stress especially when you have to move out before being ready to relocate. 


Five Tips Making Your Move Easier


There are a lot of great tips to be found regarding relocation because so many people have had to do it before. A lot of the tips can save you time and money resulting in a lot less stress during your move. 


  • Reserve A Storage Unit As Soon As You Know You Are Relocating

Starting as early as you can when planning for your move will alleviate a lot of the stress. You can reserve a storage unit where you currently live in order to start packing and allow you to declutter your home. This will help with staging and selling your home as well as making it easier to clean. You may need to go ahead and find out how much is a storage unit in your new town. It is a possibility you will need to move your belongings into storage while continuing to look for a new home. 

  • Choose The Best Storage Unit For Your Relocation Needs

If you choose to have one storage unit, determine whether you want it to be near your old or new home. When moving out of state, it may be more workable to store items near your current location, then move everything at once to your relocation area. 

  • Use The Storage Facility Staff For Expert Answers And Resources 

The staff at your chosen storage facility will be able to help answer many of your questions. They have guides to give you the best information on sizing for your storage unit according to what you will be storing. They also will know whether you need a climate controlled unit. The storage facility is also a great place to purchase boxes and other items to help in your packing. 

  • Ask Your Storage Staff About Moving Truck Rental

The staff of your storage facility will be well versed in the best truck rentals in your area if you need the resource. Some offer truck rentals with your storage lease. This will make your move easier and more economical as well. 

  • Make Sure To Keep Your Storage Organized 

If your storage unit is a mess it will not serve the purpose of making your move easier and less stressful. From the first items moved in to the last, have a plan for keeping it organized. Use color labels and tape to mark your boxes according to the rooms they will go in when moved. This will keep you or your movers from being confused when moving day comes and all of your belongings are taken to your new home or relocation storage. 


Planning for a relocation move is absolutely essential. Using a storage unit as a part of your plan will help things to go smoothly all throughout your move. Don’t be tempted to rush the packing process at the last minute. Start early and stay organized. It will pay off when you finally are relocated in your new home. You may not think it is possible, but planning ahead can keep much of the stress out of your move!