How Can You Prepare a Package For Delivery Via a Local Courier Delivery Service?


It may be official documents or precious jewelry for your significant other; you need to find someone, who can send it to them within the given time. While looking for a local courier service, people rarely pay attention to the finer details. No one checks the instructions for packing fragile items and perishables. No one finds out about the delivery of delicate things like flowers and plants.

So here’s a comprehensive guide for packing your precious item, just in case you do not want to leave it to the courier service. You must note that most reputed Singapore local courier delivery services also have professional packing options before delivery.

  1. Find a cardboard box

It is fairly easy. You can reuse one of the boxes from Amazon or eBay delivery. Pick a size that fits properly. It should not be too big or too small. Make sure it is sturdy, and boxes weighing over 5 kilos should have double walls.


  1. Find lots of bubble wrap

Bubble wraps are fun stress-busters, but they are plastic. So always try to reuse them from previous shipments. Wrap them and tape the open ends, so the item still stays inside.


  • Seal the box

Seal the box with waterproof tape along the edges. Close the flaps and double tape all around. Take some inspiration from the shipment from Amazon and Etsy in this regard.


  1. Find another bigger box

It is an optional step, but you might want to place the first box inside packing material and place that inside a bigger box. Repeat the taping process.


  1. Prepare the outer box

Ensure that the second box has no labels from the previous shipment company. Blacking it out is not enough.


  1. Address the parcel

Next step is the most crucial one. You should take a print of the address and paste it into the outside box. Now, there is always a chance that the box will encounter rain and other calamities. So try to find a waterproof print. In case that is not possible, cover the label in clear tape.

Some companies require the sender to attach the barcode label they generate on the spot. No matter which local courier delivery services you are looking at, find out how many copies of the address they need from you. To be on the safe side, it is better to have at least two copies of the address label on the item.

A local courier delivery service should have reasonably straightforward requirements for parcel packaging and labeling. Since there is no requirement of crossing state borders and national lines, the basics like name, address, landmark, contact number and alternate contact number of the recipient should be enough. The weight and size are still factors for local delivery services. However, always ask about the mode of transport before you start working on the package.

If you have doubts regarding particular delivery details, weight tolerance, packaging material, courier quality or insurance, you should speak with the local delivery service before commissioning their service.