How Clinton Aluminum Believes the Aluminum Manufacturing Industry Is Helping America Stay Self-Sufficient


Aluminum manufacturing and processing are one of the biggest economic contributors in America. It is known to contribute at least 1% of the GDP and believed to create employment for nearly 700,000 people across the country. It is a material that is getting a lot of acceptance lately in many upcoming industries because it is cheap and recyclable; hence friendly to the environment. Aluminum has been a huge contributor to the American economy for a very long time and still its demand increases day by day in the 21st century. There are so many ways that this industry has managed to help America stay self-sufficient throughout its evolution.

1. Creation of Employment

Aluminum has managed to create lots of job positions, both directly and indirectly. This industry directly employs more than 160,000 Americans. The aluminum industry directly supports another 690,000 employees in their fields, whether that be the use of aluminum in production or processing with the use of aluminum. As technological advances increase, the aluminum industry also benefits from new inventions and ideas. New industries are being created under aluminum processing that deal with secondary smelting of aluminum and also alloying aluminum with other metals. It’s one of the industries that have managed to impact so many people of different origins positively. This is why even the government tries to fight for the industry to stay afloat for the sake of all these people.

2. Recycling Aluminum keeps The Environment Clean

Aluminum is one of the most used metals domestically and is up to 100% recyclable. It maintains its state and value after recycle. After taking a drink from an aluminum container, you are advised to keep them in a safe place and deliver them to a local recycling facility where they can be repurposed.


Unlike other plastic or paper pack that can be hard to recycle and end up littering the streets, using aluminum containers can be helpful to reduce pollution. It would be a good initiative to help companies reduce their primary production cost by recycling old cans and also save the locals on cleanup costs.

3. Taxes Paid By The Industry

Every country has its set rules on the amount of taxes and tariffs companies are required to pay the government and local authorities respectively. The aluminum industry, being as successful as it has been, happens to heavily support the local government with the amount of taxes they pay. Additional income is generated by the employees and support industries who also owe their own taxes. This is why Clinton Aluminum, an aluminum distributor located in the Midwest, has been relying on top tax professionals to ensure they are in line with all tax requirements.

4. Raw Materials for Other Industries

Apart from the companies that depend on the aluminum products for a small part of their production, many companies require entirely on aluminum as their sole material. Their survival primarily depends on the aluminum and its production. A little glitch at the aluminum manufacturing plant might lead to full closure of such companies. An example would be a soda or a beer company that packs its products in aluminum cans because all other materials are either too expensive or not environmentally friendly as they can’t be recycled. Aluminum production has led to the starting of such companies which creates more employment and creates more taxes for the government.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Actions taken by a company as they work to improve their image which directly impact the local community positively can be lumped under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. As these activities are meant to help the company and the community live together in peace, sometimes the contributions to the community become quite substantial, making an effective impact and therefore assisting the government in some way. Some of these activities include scholarships for the underprivileged, internship for the willing, building hospitals, schools, and stadiums for the community and also helping improve basic amenities for the community like roads, the drainage systems, supplying of clean drinking water and helping supply electricity to the areas without connectivity. Clinton Aluminum is a leading aluminum distributor located in the Midwest and is known for their support of the local communities through employment and other corporate social responsibility activities.

Aluminum has been a part of human history for decades, and every day, people find new and better ways to put it into more efficient use. For some people, aluminum doesn’t go past the soda can or the foil paper, but in reality, aluminum has had so many uses. Making cars, cables, and wires to conduct electricity, making of beautiful monuments amongst other things are just but a few of the major uses of aluminum.