How Coax Plugs are Important for TV Aerials


Usually the F connectors or plugs are used for the connection of the TV aerials, but at some moments the the F plugs flopped such as commercial scale you can’t use the F plugs because they don’t have much power to hold the connection for long terms, so for those situations we use the Coax plugins. If you are the building owner the installer will also ask you for the coax plug during tv aerial installation, and you should give him green light. In this article we will discuss the different types of the coax plugs.


Male and Female Coax Plugs

If you are in the UK then most probably you are familiar with the Male IEC coax plugs. It is actually the male connection that is put in the female connection, as like you are putting the tv aerial in the TV, it sounds funny lol. The female IEC coax plug is mostly used on the RF and signal outputs of the return feeds and AV equipment from the tv aerial boxes and it is the opposite of the male IEC plug.


Coax Coupler

The coax copper is used for the same type of connections such as during tv aerial installation you need to connect female to female connection then at that moment you need to use the coax coupler. It also allows the male to male connection and it is perfect for joining the two or more coax cables. The one more feature of a coax plug is it is also used for converting the male connection to the female connection.


Crimp on Coax Plugs

It is very similar to the crimp on the F plug, but the difference is once you use this plug for one time you can’t use it again for another connection. So you can say it is a drawback of the crimp on the coax plug and in this circumstance the F plug plays a good role.