How Does Digital Marketing Help My Business?


In today’s marketplace, more consumers’ choose the Internet when researching and purchasing products and services. Forbes conducted a study that shows 82% of most consumers conduct research online and Tech Crunch reported that 79% of consumers shop online. Digital marketing affects sales in the market. In fact, digital marketing spending in the United States is expected to reach more than $332 billion by 2021.


If you’ve increased your website’s traffic, a certain percentage of a return on investment is to be expected. However, if you have high traffic and low conversions, it crucial to reconsider your marketing approach. Digital marketing is an effective solution to reach targeted customers, but once they come to your website, do they stay? Do they call you to order services or products?


For small- to medium-sized businesses who have limited resources, digital marketing is an extremely cost-effective approach to growing your brand and customer base. It’s a successful strategy, especially when compared to traditional methods. In fact, Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report reported that “up to 40% of [businesses] claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services.”


The same report revealed that after investing, more than 28% of the respondents plan  to invest more in Internet marketing. There are also free online tools to plan an effective online marketing strategy; Google Alerts, Social Mention, Buffer, and QuickSprout. These tools may not be as completely effective as hiring a Cambridge digital marketing agency, but they’re useful when starting to establish your brand.


Here are some reasons why online marketing is an effective means to grow your brand:


Generates Higher Sales Revenue


Higher conversion rates generated through online marketing strategies deliver profitable advantages, including higher sales revenue. A Google-sponsored study states that businesses using digital marketing can expect 2.8 times better revenue growth than  those who do not.


When advertising your business:

  • Use social media platforms to better understand customer buying behaviour.
  • Offer great ideas that meet the needs of your target customers.
  • Use multiple digital marketing mediums to gather useful information.
  • Get a good layout with simple navigation.


Small and medium enterprises can reach local and global markets through Internet outreach. Kevin O’Kane (Google’s Asia-Pacific Head) says the web is a rocket fuel for growth for smaller brands and service providers.


Caters to Mobile Customers


From 2015-2018, over 51.89% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices. That number’s expect to grow — getting in front of digital marketing for your business can help you reach more potential customers online. Start building an effective online marketing strategy, and reap the rewards.


Since these devices are convenient and user-friendly, mobile users are increasing exponentially. Mobile marketing is often addressed as a separate part of online marketing — but at a bare minimum, make sure your site and pages are mobile device-friendly, or you’ll lose countless opportunities.


In order to improve your presence through organic searches and social media platforms, pay attention to the popularity and significance of mobile apps in today’s market. Apps such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy are popular sites where customers look at the market and may purchase goods. Consider adding a focus on app development to strengthen your business as a mobile seller.


[OVERLAY:] Expand your brand


Builds Brand Reputation


When your company is recognized as reputable, you build brand awareness, reputation, and trust. Ask yourself what makes your business desirable? Expand your reputation by developing your brand, market share, discoverability, product/service quality, and your customer support. Online marketing tactics allow you to establish a solid online presence, making your business appear trustworthy — and accessible — to consumers. Part of that effort involves being responsive to customers’ needs and concerns, and this is often done through social media like Twitter and Facebook. Engaging them online can secure their loyalty.


Targets Your Ideal Buyers


Internet marketing efforts like SEO (search engine optimization) can put you in front of your target clientele. Compared to old-fashioned marketing tactics like billboard ads, it lets you focus on the customers you want. SEO enables you to reach people who are searching the web for your service or product(s).


By optimizing your website and promoting your company digitally, you’ll save more marketing dollars, instead of spending them on ads and flyers that may never be seen. Internet marketing strategies get proven results.


Keeps You Competitive


For small- to medium-sized business, it can be challenging to compete with larger, more established operations who already have a strong reputation in the marketplace. Internet marketing is an affordable way to boost your presence as a smaller brand.


Traditional marketing (like print media) remains expensive and each effort is time consuming, from design to publication. Efficient placement requires a bigger budget. Digital marketing is cost-effective, offering equal opportunity to any size business. Create an attractive website that improves customer experience. With the help of a trusted SEO company you can achieve tangible results without a huge investment of capital.


Provides Better Return on Investment


Online marketing provides greater ROI than traditional marketing mediums. Using tracking and monitoring tactics, results can be analyzed. These techniques help businesses maximize their profits. The key is to produce a steady flow of website visitors that can be converted into potential customers. The higher the traffic, the faster you obtain your ROI.


Increases Your Fanbase Using Social Media


[OVERLAY:] Be responsive to customers


Social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) are great ways to grow your brand. You can set up your official business pages or accounts, and share updates to your followers as often as you can. Managing your online presence using social media may require time but it’s worth every penny.


Social media can help grow your brand through your followers on different platforms. If someone follows you on Facebook because they like your product, they might make a purchase. Social media is a massive medium for business growth; with guidance of a professional you can use this inexpensive means to draw more people to you.


Grow your follower and clientele base by:


  • Posting links or sharing interesting content (even if it’s not your own).
  • Run contests, giveaways, or exclusive promotions.
  • Ask questions and answer those posed by others.
  • Poll customers for their feedback on new products or services.


Finally, it’s vital to let your followers know how much you value them. By communicating regularly, you’ll make people feel valued. In return, they’ll come to you repeatedly.


Digital marketing helps you reach and engage with both potential and current customers. In this age, it may be challenging to keep up with the latest online marketing trends. SEO is, at first, a slow process. By hiring a talented team of digital marketing experts you can boost your business online with proven tactics like website optimization, content marketing, increasing your social media influence, and more.