How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Amplify Today’s Business Utilization of Qr Codes?


Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, many institutions in the business, government, and educational sector were forced to conform to the viral transmission response mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO), things like check-in forms, thermal scanners, and face masks are becoming one of the notable items that people find in these places. 

While they become new normal must-haves, another type of technology also emerges and changes the way businesses in different industries operate during these trying times. And this technology is called QR codes, where people scan their way to obtain information from them. 

But as these 2D barcodes have long been present in society for more than 26 years now, why do people only get the hang of scanning and using them for business? 

Why QR codes are only becoming popular now and not a few years before

As QR codes are only regaining their popularity now, the reason this technology became a flop in the earlier years is because of the availability of the technology in scanning and creating a working QR code. And with the availability of the technology in scanning and creating them, here are three other reasons why QR codes were not popular before. 

  1. QR code scanners before are expensive
  2. Scarce availability of a QR code generator with logo online 
  3. Fewer people know about them

And as these issues are now addressed with modern technology and easy access to the internet, QR codes have become one of the fast-growing tools for business marketing and health prevention means. Making these an effective tool for people to practice social distancing while gathering information with just a scan from afar. 

How does the COVID-19 pandemic amplify the use of QR codes in today’s business operations? 

The COVID-19 pandemic amplifies the use of QR codes in today’s business operations to ensure that the viral transmission from one person to another mitigates, and helps promote social distancing between them. 

As QR codes are scannable at a distance, here 4 notable ways how businesses apply the use of them in their new normal operations. 

Menu QR code

With the limit of face-to-face interactions for people, QR codes have become an integral tool for businesses in the foodservice industry to continue their operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Through their use of it, the QR code solution, menu QR code becomes popular among restaurants and bars.

Due to its scan-to-order nature, diners can still properly order their food online without any additional hassle. 

Offline to online campaigns

As QR codes are one of the people’s gateways towards the digital realm, businesses take the opportunity to include this tool into their marketing means. Since more devices are capable of scanning them, offline to online campaigns are becoming the next marketing trend that they hop on and join. 

Establishment check-in code

With early infection detection is one effective way to reduce the spread of the disease, establishment check-ins for every customer going in is a mandatory procedure that every business strictly follows. 

As doing customer check-ins manually is not a solution that every business imagines to have, the use of QR codes is integrated with it. By letting the customer enter to scan the code and encode their information, establishment check-ins become easier. 


Since most digital wallets now have the option to let people transfer funds by just scanning the QR code and entering the amount to send, more businesses are integrating the use of it in their payment means. And with it, they can fasten their checkout means to minimize the chances of having a line for customers to pay for the products they purchase. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic’s start to physically divide people from interacting with one another, technology draws them closer without the risk of getting infected with the disease. 

And with the technology they use, this global health crisis amplifies QR codes to retain interpersonal transactions in business and migrate it to digital means. 

As a QR code generator with logo software is now available online, more businesses are reopening their doorsteps towards the new normal operations and redefine their means of interacting with their customers by transforming their experience offline to its online equivalent.