How Does Your Recruitment Strategy Change In 2020?


‘He ticks all the boxes, but something doesn’t feel right’. You’ve probably said this a lot during your recruitment process. Employees that seem to fit the bill, but they leave you thinking twice about hiring them. They should be given a chance judging by the criteria that they met, but you can’t explain why you didn’t go with them. Well, in 2020, you’re about to see massive changes in the recruitment process which will change the way you hire. There have to be different processes for different kinds of professionals. You cannot have the same recruitment strategy for junior-ranked employees as a manager or upper management. This is the way you should go about designing a totally new process. 


Value soft skills


These types of ‘soft skills’ are becoming very highly desired by employers. There is a wealth of candidates out there with the right qualifications and experience for any job. But can they work well with other people?


  • Reasoning: Does the employee have the ability and the will, to put forth their ideas in a logical manner? When they get frustrated, do they react by assessing the situation in order to come up with the best solution, or do they become emotionally-charged?
  • Collaboration: Can they mold their abilities into the keyholes of a particular project and fulfill the team’s needs? Cross-departmental/functional teams are the norm now, so you need someone that can make their skills usable in a diverse team. 
  • Critical thinking: Does the candidate have the skills to identify key issues, their causes and creatively conjure solutions to those concerns? 


Something they believe in


For as long as one can remember, businesses haven’t cared about whether or not, the candidate knows about their business. This is because the modus operandi has been to hire the best skilled and then when they enter into the fold, mold them into your company culture. However, this is no longer as acceptable as it once was. Nowadays, when the competition is so strong, the need to be an individual is higher than ever before. Therefore, it’s only right you place candidates that show they are compelled by your brand, in a better position to get hired. If they meet the skills but not the experience, yet they still show a developed intrigue in your brand, they should be given more of a chance than those that have experience but show no real interest in your brand.



Ethical standards


Even if your shortlist of candidates has a great passion for their work and industry, even if they have great collaboration skills, their personal background is still important. Essentially, a professional’s behavior and reputation outside of work, play a role in whether or not their colleagues will want to work with them. An employee background check service is highly recommended, so you can know what kind of person you are hiring to become part of your business. Their interrogation with courts gives them a fast turnaround time so you can quickly get on with the process. 


In 2020, you should look for professionals that seem to know and care for your brand. The days of hiring cold reserved people are over. You must also look for those with better ‘soft skills’.