How eLearning Can Change Your Business


Businesses large and small should invest in eLearning because it will reduce the time and energy needed to onboard staff, ensuring everyone knows what they are doing. It is a reference and an asset that grows with the business over time. This asset can then be used on each new hire. eLearning is also a great way to keep employees engaged and can be operated remotely. Translating content and hiring eLearning narrators through platforms like Voquent is also vital if you have staff worldwide.

How to use eLearning in your business

The benefits of eLearning are numerous. You can produce the audio and video content for your local and international staff to consume, reduce employee turnover costs, and engage your employees in a new way. For example, using a Scottish accent is the best way to engage Scottish employees. This also reduces the cost of training as you will now have one asset that can be used instead of repeating the training process each time.

3 Steps to finding an eLearning Narrator for your business

Step 1: Decide what type of narrator you need, their vocal characteristics, and what voice will work best for your brand.

Step 2: Use the filters on narration service platforms to discover voices that match these specific requirements.

Step 3: Reach out, explain your project, and receive a quote.

Professional narration services can also offer project management and implement the audio into your eLearning video on your behalf.

Professional narration platforms is an online marketplace where businesses can hire professional voice actors and narrators through a platform that connects them to vendors worldwide. Voquent provides international, tailored services for each language, country, and region. They offer multilinguistic narration services that are customizable to your branding. This service provides voiceover translation, including Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and more!

Voquent is different from other eLearning platforms because it offers a unique filter system. You can choose the age, gender, language, accent, experience level, vocal characteristics, tone, and style required to find your project’s perfect voice. Alternatively, they can also help you cast if you don’t know where to start.

eLearning is a powerful tool that can help you improve the training method of your business and reduce costs. With Voquent’s easy-to-use platform, you can get started with audio content for your eLearning video in no time. They have over 70,000 voice demos to listen to and 1,750 different accents, languages, and dialects to choose from, so you can engage your staff regardless of location.

Reap the rewards of optimizing your staff training today.