How Have Businesses Been Impacted By the Digital World?


In the old days, businesses looked completely different compared to the ultra-modern, ever changing businesses of today. The digital world has completely transformed the business world, as well as society, and now digital technology is used in almost every element of a modern business.

It is likely that, as technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, digital technology will continue to revolutionise businesses across the world, so here are some of the ways businesses are already being impacted.

Business Models

Digital technology has, without a doubt, completely transformed the way business models look and are constructed. Accounting firm RSM has notes how small businesses (SMEs) are constantly harnessing developments in digital technology in order to enhance their operational capabilities and ultimately get ahead of the competition.

Now, a business model can be based entirely around the digital technologies which are available to it, and offer services which exist entirely in the digital sphere. This opens up new realms of possibility which were simply impossible before the digital revolution.

Technology in the Workplace

The vast majority of workplaces have also been majorly impacted by the introduction of digital technologies. Virtually every business makes use of computers and various computer programs to ensure that their processes are fast, efficient and effective.

In fact, most modern workplaces have become hubs for modern digital technologies, and those businesses which want to stay ahead of the game are investing in the latest digital developments. These technologies have increased the speed of communication, the speed and effectiveness of analysing data, and made possible new levels of innovation which were previously impossible. This may well have allowed a number of small businesses to grow at a faster rate in some instances.


Without a doubt one of the most significant effects which the digital world has had on businesses has been through completely overhauling marketing. Nowadays, nearly all marketing is done through the digital sphere, using the likes of social media.

Businesses can communicate with their potential customers instantly using this digital technology, and harness the immense opportunities presented by being able to market their products/services digitally. For one, they can connect with a much wider audience than, say, leaflets could ever do, and it is also, in many instances, completely free to market digitally. As such, businesses with an effective/successful digital marketing strategy can expect stronger, faster growth compared to those which don’t.

Ultimately, the digital world has had a number of very positive impacts on businesses of all shapes and sizes. With this in mind, many budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike will likely be looking ahead to the future to see how new digital technology may be able to further enhance their business.