How Looking After Your Health Can Boost Your Career


If you’re a career-minded individual who’s focused on their work and rising to the top of the tree, many of the other important aspects of life can take second place to your drive to succeed. The problem with such single-minded determination is that by neglecting those other aspects of your life, you’re hindering your chances of success rather than helping them.

    1. Are you eating well? If you’re working long hours, you may be skipping meals, or grabbing unhealthy snacks rather than eating a well-balanced diet. The problem with this is that a lack of nutrition affects your brain functions, meaning you find it harder to concentrate, you make more mistakes, and you may not have the sharpness and insight that a well-nourished brain would have.
    2. Are you drinking too much coffee? Caffeine may keep you awake, but an excess could cause problems such as palpitations and shakes. There’s nothing wrong with a few cups of coffee each day, but try and drink more water, or swap a coffee for fruit juice or a smoothie instead. Water is essential for brain function, and if you aren’t getting enough, it can make you sluggish and slow down your thought processes, as well as causing headaches. Coffee is a diuretic, so it draws water out of your system. That means that although you might think you’re getting enough to drink, the fluid is actually passing through your body too quickly to do you much good, and you can even end up dehydrated.
    3. Are you smoking, drinking to excess or taking drugs regularly? These bad habits are well-known for causing health problems, yet many driven people use stimulants to keep them going during the day. You then become so wired you need to take something else in the evening to help you sleep, and thus you get caught in a cycle of artificially affecting your body’s natural rhythms. The sooner you can quit any bad habits, the better you’ll feel, and the more energy you’ll have for your work.
    4. Are you exercising enough? You may feel tired at the end of the day, but that could be due to mental effort rather than physical exertion. The best way to boost your energy levels and increase blood flow to the brain is to exercise regularly.

You should also consider the practical aspects of your health and well being. For example, do you have good healthcare insurance? Would you know how to pursue any injuries claims if you had an accident or were a victim of medical negligence? Do you have regular medical check-ups and health screenings, and do you make regular visits to the optometrist and dentist? Avoiding health problems by looking after your basic well being will help you minimize the possibility of serious health issues, and reduce the impact of any problems that do arise.

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but your ambition shouldn’t rule your life. Take a step back and see if you’ve been concentrating too hard on your career goals at the expense of your health and future prospects.