How Mail Relay SMTP Works


Emails may be tricky to deal with. Right from bad mail deliverability to blocklisting of IP, web hosts can often experience a lot of problems. However, a mail relay SMTP service can often resolve these issues. But first you should find out what mail relay SMTP is and how it enhances your business?

What does SMTP stand for?

SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the right way in which email is transferred online.

What is mail relay SMTP service?

In a normal relay race, a baton is passed from one racer to another till it reaches the finish line. With SMTP, baton is replaced by message. A SMTP relay services means directly handing off your message to another mail server which can bring your mail closer to its recipient i.e. the finish line.

All in all, a SMTP relay service is just an SMTP relay running in the cloud and not in your data center. The server sends a message to the service, queues it up for delivery to its location and then successfully delivers the message or produces an NDR (Non-Delivery Report) stating the reason for non-delivery.

How mail relay SMTP service works?

As soon as you send a mail, the mail application on your device links to an SMTP relay and sends the message with information the relay necessitates finding out the next step in the journey of the message. It makes use of the domain name in the mail address and the Domain Name Service to find out where the mail needs to go. From there, the mail is sent to MDA (Message Delivery Agent) of the receiver’s mail service and then finally hits the inbox of the receiver. You can own SMTP relay and manage it.

Why does your company require SMTP relay service?

If you send mail from a server online to more than one user, you may experience problem in mail delivery like getting your server’s IP appear on the blocklist.

Sometimes you may not even know that you have a mail delivery problem because your mails silently get in the spam folder and are rarely noticed by users.

Using a free smtp server to send mails relieves you from the issues of tackling with litany of mail delivery problems. Right from repute issues to IP blocklisting, everything is taken care of.

Importance of SMTP Relay for mass emails

Time and again you hear that people didn’t get your mail and it got delivered in the spam folder, weeks after being sent. There may be a number of reasons for it. Some of the common reasons behind it include mails from unknown serves or from those with a bad repute. As a result, you may find your legit mails suffering.

With the help of mail relay SMTP service, your mails will get the yellow light. You can route all your mails via established Email Sending Providers. This way you can use their infrastructure and avail benefit of their repute which took years to establish.