How Many Blogs Should a Business Post Per Week?


The U.S. alone hosts around 32.5 million small businesses, most of which maintain an online presence. That’s before you even consider competition from large businesses and even foreign small businesses that operate in the same industry. There’s a lot of competition for visitors, which makes your online marketing essential.

Many small businesses adopt blog content as their first and often their only digital strategy to increase website traffic. Why? It’s effective.

If you’re new to the blogging game, though, you might wonder how many blog posts per week will get you into the sweet spot for new traffic. If you’ve struggled with blog frequency or even wondered about blogging’s value, keep reading for our quick guide to blogging, its benefits, and posting frequency.

What Is Blogging?

In the early days, blogging was typically first-person commentary on a topic or event. For example, someone might simply relate the details of their day or week.

Over the years, blogging has evolved to the point where the lines between a blog post and an article can get very blurry. The best blog posts incorporate research and link out to reputable sources.

The core difference between blogging and news articles is that blogs typically convey an individual’s or business’s take on events, rather than just reporting bare facts.

Blogging Benefits

Blogging provides small businesses with a lot of potential benefits. A boost in traffic from potential customers is the most important benefit from the perspective of most business owners.

Good blog content helps build a bridge of trust between you and potential customers. It’s a golden opportunity to showcase your knowledge of your business, post photos of your products, or even show the end results of your services.

Blogging can also help establish a specific brand voice both inside and outside the business. You can use blogging to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

How Many Blog Posts Per Week?

A business blog is different than a personal blog. With a personal blog, you can have off days. With a business blog, you need a reliable content production process that delivers high-quality content every time.

Achieving that means leading with a content delivery schedule you can keep up indefinitely. At a bare minimum, you must post at least once a week on the same day and at the same time. Anything less and you won’t attract regular visitors.

If you can swing it, two to three posts a week seems to attract the best results.

Deciding How Many Blogs to Post

Deciding how many blog posts per week takes some thought. It’s often best to start off slow and make sure you can handle the extra work. A top-shelf blog post can take several hours to write in the best-case scenario.

If you find you can handle one per week without much trouble, then consider upping the number to two or three per week.

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