How Much Does Wix Charge to Host My Website?


When it comes to hosting your website on Wix, you’ll want to know the cost of it. While it’s not the least expensive platform for online website builders, it’s definitely one of the cheapest of its kind (which is similar to sites like SquareSpace and a few others, even WordPress). However, you can expect to spend at least a hundred dollars, since they don’t charge you a monthly fee (you have to pay for a year of service). And it’s going to depend on a lot of factors that affect your website, like the size, the amount of multimedia that is on it, and more.


Unfortunately, unless you get the more expensive plans on there, the direct WIX pricing for the lowest package only gives you about 20Gb of bandwidth per month. That isn’t very much honestly, so if you’re expecting a lot of traffic, or hosting videos on your website of your YouTube channel, or more, you don’t get very much with this, and that will all be used up rather quickly.

What About Storage Space?

Storage space on Wix isn’t really a big deal, and the standard for even most standard premium services give you less than 100 Gigabytes of storage space. Because of this, it’s important to know what you’re going to need. While most users aren’t going to need that much storage space, having the benefit of a more flexible server that allows more is something that many people are going to want. All of the packages on their regular prices, from Pro, all the way down to the combo don’t offer a lot of storage space, and the maximum they give you is 20Gb.

Do I Get a Free Domain?

Fortunately, when using Wix, you do get a free domain for the first year, which is something that other services provide as well, but this can be beneficial. They are not a domain name server however, and you can’t just purchase a domain without buying a premium account. Therefore, if you are just wanting a domain, you may want to look into other domain and web hosting platforms. There are many things to consider when it comes to your free domain, and even though the domain included in the premium Wix Pricing is free, to begin with, there may be a time when the domain becomes a lot more expensive to purchase. So it is always a good idea to set aside money for your following year’s renewal. However, if the cost of your domain goes up in price that can mean your hard work is paying off and becoming recognized as a valuable asset to your business so it’s not a lose-lose situation in this case. 

What about Advertising?

One neat feature is that with a paid subscription above the “Combo” level (mainly used for personal sites) gives you 300 dollars’ worth of online advertising. You get 100 dollars’ worth of ad vouchers for Bing ads, Google Advertising, and Local Listings websites. This is very handy so you can get your website out there and get your start.

Is Wix Truly Beneficial for Business?

There are numerous businesses that we’ve seen that do have a Wix website builder. However, these are usually marketed as big amazing businesses on their commercials. The truth is that most of these businesses don’t have more than 10-30 employers, and less than many of these companies actually have less than 1 million dollars in revenue per year. Therefore, you may want to opt to use Wix as a “free account” platform to get an idea of the type of website you want, and then migrate things over to your own website (or have a web designer do it for you). Generally, you can incorporate many features on Wix even on a manual or free WordPress installation yourself for free and just host it on sites like,, and even BlueHost.