How Our Immersive Hiring Process Helps Us Hire Smart


Being the “new kid” at a company can be pretty intimidating; you only know so much about your employer and the atmosphere that you’re jumping into, and you hope you’re able to keep up with everything that is required of you. You also hope that you’ll fit in. The hiring process can be nerve-wracking for employers, too, often for those same reasons. To continue hiring great team members and make sure they know they can truly feel at home here, we take a holistic approach to the hiring process, particularly in the interviews.

We start the hiring process by doing the usual review of the applicants’ credentials and resume, and once everything seems to look good on paper, we bring them in to meet them in person. Any employer knows why this step is just as important as the first, if not more. This step is where we can really get a feel for who they are as a person and see how well they can fit into their potential team and into our culture.

When we interview an applicant, we want to let them dive straight into our company and culture to get a realistic feel for what it’s like here. This experience starts with our leaders. We have an array of department heads in the room for either part of the interview or the whole thing. We think this is important for several reasons. First, this gives the opportunity for the potential new hire to see how important diverse collaboration is to us. They can see that it’s important to us to get input from many different parts of the company. This also allows the candidate to get a glimpse of different parts of the company. We like this because we have implemented several practices that help current team members understand all departments in the company. Finally, the diversity of the room helps us get different perspectives in deciding whether the candidate is a good fit.

The chance for the candidate to see many different viewpoints shows them a lot about our culture. It shows them that if they are hired, they will be coming into a collaborative environment where their opinions will be respected and encouraged, and they will be expected to treat others’ opinions in the same way. They also get a sense for how different departments interact with each other. Occasionally, we will also invite members from their potential team for a brief visit so that the candidate is able to meet them and get a feel for how they would fit in with them.

We strongly value our team members and our culture, and want to keep both strong and successful. Giving candidates a holistic interview experience reflects the practices they will experience if they join our family, and shows both us and them how they could fit into it.


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