How Promotional Feather Flags Can Benefit Your Business


When you choose how to promote your sale, event, or open house, promotional feather flags are an inexpensive and attractive option. They are versatile and portable, and they signal to anyone passing by that something important or fun is happening. Whether you invest in one feather flag or many, they provide an efficient and budget-friendly avenue to exposure.

Increase Interest

The sad fact is that most of the people who pass by your location on a daily basis probably don’t even notice that you are there. If you have a permanent sign, it may sink into a potential customer’s subconscious.


This actually a marketing goal because your company is more likely to come up in someone’s mind when they think about needing your product. When you are having a sale or an event of some sort, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to remind them that they need your product.


Promotional feather flags can remind your customers that what your business offers is valuable. It can spark curiosity about what is going on, and draw people in. If you only use your flags when you are having a sale or event, then people will see the feather flags and know something interesting is happening.

Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the primary ways your business stays on a consumer’s mind. That is why it is important to have a consistent brand message. If you can get people to think of your business when they think of the product you offer, you cannot lose.


Coca Cola and Kleenex are two brands that have mastered the art of brand recognition. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on advertising and catchy jingles in order to get people to recognize your brand. You can easily have custom feather flags made that will prominently display the message of your brand without breaking the bank. Choose your colors and display your logo or other messages. When people see your custom feather flags out, they will be reminded of your brand and know that something is going on.

Boost Sales

So far, the focus of this article has been about attracting attention, but the major purpose of attracting attention for most businesses is increasing sales. When you get more people to notice your business, you get more people to buy your product.


When you are on a budget, sometimes it seems like you are between a rock and a hard place. You need to increase sales, but you have to spend money in order to do that. Pre-made and custom feather flags provide a frugal way to get more people to walk in your door, increasing sales and therefore profits.

Let Consumers Know You Are Active

Because it is not recommended that you leave your feather flags out all the time, then you will need to bring them inside sometimes. Try varying the times that you put your flags out. People notice changes, even if they do not realize it or cannot put a finger on what is different. When you change up the timing of your flag display, you let them know your business is active.

Let Consumers Know Where You Are

If your business sometimes takes place in a remote location (the real estate industry and food trucks come to mind) or you have recently moved, then feather flags are an excellent way to let everyone know where you are. If you are holding an open house, passersby will take note. Even if they do not come into that specific open house, your custom feather flag is one more way your brand will be on their minds.


Trade shows are another excellent place to have a custom feather flag. Set your display apart from the rest by making your brand and company stand out in a crowd. When you hand out promotional material, you will have a prominent flag that reinforces your brand to your future customers.

Project a Message of Fun

We all know that people spend more money when they are having fun. That is part of why stores pump in snappy, fun music. People lose track of time when they are dancing to their favorite Taylor Swift song.


Decorative displays let consumers know you put effort into their satisfaction and set the atmosphere that something fun is about to happen. This not only sets the mood but also sends the message that the customer is always welcome.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Promotional Feather Flags

Feather flags are a flexible and inexpensive way to reach more customers. When your business holds a sale, event, or open house, you want people to know. The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune getting the message out. You can increase interest and therefore sales when you strategically use feather flags to catch your future customer’s eye.