How Recruiting Companies Can Benefit Startups


Your startup is growing and it’s time to bring some good help on board. You may be feeling a little nervous or reluctant about hiring new people. Control some of those nerves and get excited about hiring with the help of a recruiter. Your business is booming so much that you get to, not have to, hire great additions to your team.


Recruiters Can Easily Tell the Difference Between a Good Hire vs. Bad Hire

A recruiting company’s job is to make sure you are getting the best candidates possible. Your job is a myriad of different things on a day to day basis. Cut down your tasks and do yourself a favor by employing someone to find that good hire for your team.


A Recruiter Helps Keep Your Business Away From a Bad Hire

You may not have hired anyone in the past. Save yourself from a bad hire and let a professional find you only good candidates.

A study by the National Business Research Institute reveals a bad hire can cause losses from $25K to $300K. Recruiting companies know how to look for red flags and will toss mediocre or poor candidates out of the competition.


Recruiting Companies Help Your Business Find the Right Person

You may know the kind of person you want to hire, but where do you find them? Recruiting companies havhiree a great ability to think outside the box when it comes to recruitment. They will seek out candidates with experience or qualifications that you may have thought wouldn’t matter.

You have probably spent years creating your company and planning for this investment. Why not have an employment agency handle hiring someone? They have invested years in perfecting the hiring process. Let them do what they do best so you can get back to what you do best.


  • An employment recruiting company knows how to spot potential.
    • Did that person excel at previous jobs? Hire someone who has succeeded in every role they have had in the past. There is a good chance they will perform well in the position you are hiring for.
  • A recruiter has an eye for passionate recruits.
    • One of the most important attributes to look for in a new hire is passion. Unfortunately, passion doesn’t normally translate through experience. A candidate may be a perfect match when it comes to experience but have no passion. That person will not excel as quickly as one with passion.
    • An unpassionate employee will most likely plateau, get bored, and look for something new. Recruiting companies will help you find passionate candidates that are invested in your business.


What would you be looking for if you were the only one doing the recruiting?

Ask yourself what you honestly would have been looking for, especially before reading this. You may not have considered all of these potential recruit components. A recruiting company will be your best bet at hiring the right person.


A Recruiter Helps Save You Time

Saving Time by Buying Time Increases Happiness

There was a study done by the PNAS that proves buying time promotes happiness. It showed that individuals who spend money on time-saving services report greater life satisfaction. Save time on hiring and employ a recruiter to make your life as the CEO happier and more time-efficient. Happiness has also been linked to productivity. The happier you are as the CEO, the more productive you will be.


On average it takes 43 days to hire someone. You can cut out the work and days involved in hiring by outsourcing work to a recruiter.

Your startup is your baby, don’t you want that child to make you happy? Increase these odds by hiring help. It could take you a few weeks to narrow down the applications. Recruiting companies save you from the hassle of sifting through every single applicant. That way the only candidates coming across your desk are sure to be the cream of the crop.


Find the Candidates That May Not Be Actively Seeking Jobs

Recruiting companies will take time to seek out candidates that may not have otherwise been looking. LinkedIn performed a global research report called Talent Trends 2014, that surveyed 18,000 fully-employed professionals. This report revealed that only 15% of employees are completely content with their current role. This means that 85% of employees might be open to a new position if a recruiter contacted them.

This matters because the labor market is a seller’s market right now. With unemployment under 4%, you can’t rely on applicants banging down your door. If you want to find the best talent, you have to seek it out.


You can’t be an expert at everything, even as the CEO. The good news is you can build a team of experts by outsourcing help. Hiring a recruiter can help you find the passionate professionals you need on your team.