How SEO Can Help Your Law Firm Grow


In order to survive and grow in an overly competitive market, what every law firm needs are new clients. More clients bring more business – so, if you want to attract them, you will need to implement certain methods to help you achieve your objectives.

Although there are numerous marketing methods for acquiring clients, none of them are as effective as being found via organic search. If you attract your prospects instead of having to reach out to them by yourself, they will be a lot more eager to become your loyal clients.

According to a research conducted by ABA Journal, 1/3 of legal clients search for attorneys using online resources such as podcasts, blog posts, infographics and eBooks. To be more precise, a Google Consumer Survey has shown that 96% of people look for legal advice using search engines.

That is why you should opt for ranking on Google’s first page for relevant keywords, and in this article, we will help you learn more about SEO in the legal space to help you achieve the desired results.

Marketing vs. SEO – which method is better?

To illustrate the importance of SEO for legal businesses, let us focus on stats a bit more:

– Around 80% of users choose to ignore paid ads and rely on organic search results only

– 75% of them never go pass the Google’s first page

– 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine.

Nowadays, if you want to keep up with your competitors, it is no longer effective enough to only rely on traditional marketing methods, as online presence is crucial for your growth. A bigger online presence brings bigger reach, and thus more success for your business.

The first problem with traditional marketing is that it is usually too expensive. And since it only brings short-term success, we cannot say that it is cost efficient. Moreover, traditional advertisements do have a wide reach, but you don’t get to target who will see them and how successful they will turn out to be, which will negatively affect your ROI in the long run.

On the other hand, although SEO takes some time to bring the desired results, it completely pays off as it brings ultimate stability to your law business.

How SEO will help you grow

As you are probably already familiar with the term, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that can help your business’s website rank higher in search results than other competitive websites with similar content for a keyword that people are looking for. This is a technique that is proven to bring more prospects to your business and it comes with numerous advantages:

  1. More traffic – The majority of people searching for something online usually already have a clear intention and know exactly what information they are looking for, and they are the ones you should be targeting as they fall under the “relevant traffic” category – the kind you want when opting for higher rankings.
  2. More prospects – The higher rank of your law firm’s website will directly lead to more prospects, provided that you are targeting the appropriate keywords.
  3. Bigger ROI – If you cleverly invest in your SEO, you will gain an ability to get ahead of your competitors without having to spend a fortune on marketing, as this technique is proven to bring the highest ROI.

Major ranking factors

Studies conducted by Backlinko and SearchMetrics have shown that there are 2 factors you should take into consideration when opting for higher ranks:

  1. Backlinks – Including diverse relevant backlinks to your firm’s website will help you promote your content consistently. That is why you should go for quality backlinks to influencers and authority websites.
  2. Content – By creating high quality content that is relevant for your target audience, you will be given a head start to rank higher than your competitors. Your content needs to be detailed and authentic and to include what competitors’ websites lack.

How to apply SEO strategy the right way

Implementing SEO to your firm’s website doesn’t require spending big sum of money or any special knowledge whatsoever. The only thing you need to do is simply follow the basics of SEO:

  1. Analyze your competitors – You should start by Googling target keywords to get an insight on who you are competing against. Then, it is advisable to make a list of all of the competitor firms and analyze their websites in detail, in order to find out what they lack and how you can improve your own site.
  2. Come up with a title and meta description – Your title and meta description tag are essential components as Google will display them in search results when someone searches for your firm. The title shouldn’t be more than 60 characters, and you should limit your meta description to 200 characters.
  3. Make sure your N.A.P. is consistent – N.A.P. (name, address, phone number) has to match your information on other platforms and websites.
  4. Create a “Google My Business” page – This is very important because Google My Business will help you increase your visibility, as it provides the users with all of the relevant details about your business, such as N.A.P. and your working hours.
  5. Acquire relevant backlinks – As we already mentioned just how important backlinks are, you should try to acquire some from local websites which are relevant to yours.
  6. Use local keywords – It is important to use local keywords in order for Google to realize which exact location you are targeting.
  7. Get some reviews – Google Reviews is a great place to acquire reviews from clients online, but being active on social media platforms also helps getting positive feedback.


To sum up, even though SEO requires a lot of dedication and persistence, if done the right way, it will only grant you with benefits. Using the abovementioned SEO basics will ensure you with consistent targeted traffic without having any extra costs.