How Small Actions Turn into Big Results


Many  companies want to be a “big deal” or one of the “big guys:” seeing people line up down the block for their latest product, or hearing fans cheer for their latest creation while they blow them kisses from atop a parade float. Yes, it would be wonderful to reach Parade Status. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

Sometimes popularity can come from going viral, but just one viral action is not usually enough to keep you in people’s minds (unless you’re Alex from Target). Most of the time, you gain popularity with a series of smaller actions, and maybe a few viral ones. That’s the way it was done before the internet, a time some of us can’t even remember, and it’s still relevant today.

This is why we make sure we aren’t focusing just on the big picture, but also on the smaller details of an average day. When it comes to our customers, we take pride in one compliment to customer service, one like on our Facebook page, one small smile. Eventually, these small smiles accumulate into a big smile when our company comes to mind.

Since we love to interact with customers, we want to engage them through social media. You might have seen the silly and heartwarming antics of the Professor and Beep that complement the contents of our pages. We love to use these images and posts to interact with customers and get some of those small smiles. A combination of our customer care team and our social media shows our customers that we love to have fun and be silly, but we will still take great care of them.

Another place where good things accumulate is our Brilliant PetLovers plan. The portion of the proceeds that we donate accumulates into a big amount, and a big help to all of the pets in need. So far, our donations have accumulated to almost $20,000. We’d say that’s a pretty big smile, or a lot of little furry ones.

We want a long tenure in the hearts and minds of our customers, and we know that this happens with a series of small gestures to constantly please them and reassure them that we are here for them.


Brilliant Energy