How Smart is Your Security ID Card?


Security ID systems are used by a surprising number of industries. One of the reasons that they are so ubiquitous is that they can offer a variety of services. Some of these services have to do directly with security while others do not, but everything they offer can help small businesses to function more efficiently.

Technology Used in ID Cards

Many of the services that are offered by Smart Card Store have to do with the level of technology they can offer. More complicated technology helps to ensure that security cards contains a high level of security to prevent counterfeiting. Some of the features available in security ID cards include:


  • Holographic Overlays
  • Proximity Readers
  • Employee Management
  • Dual-Sided Printing
  • Temporary ID Cards

The Benefits of Proximity Cards

You don’t need to know every detail about how proximity access cards work to understand how useful they can be for your business. When you equip your security checkpoints with proximity card readers, it allows your employees to enter the workplace quicker so that they can spend more time on work and less time waiting to clear the security system.

Security ID Card Printing Systems

Given the high level of security protection that digital ID cards can offer your business, purchasing an in-house security ID card printing system is one of the smartest decisions that you’ll ever make on behalf of your company. A professional security ID card printer can manufacture over 5000 cards a year, so that you’ll never have to worry about anyone accessing your company without using an ID card. This will also ensure that your system can function the way it was designed to work.

Employee Management

While security is the main function of a digital ID card system, they can offer other useful services, such as an employee management system. When you have an increasing number of employees at your company, it gets very difficult to keep track of each person. By issuing a security ID card to each employee, you can keep a database that tells you when each person accessed your location.

Temporary ID Cards

A professional grade security ID card system can also be equipped to create high-quality digital ID cards for temporary visitors. Temporary ID cards are programmed to expire after a set amount of time to ensure that no one can use them to access sensitive areas after their initial use has been fulfilled.

A high-resolution security ID printer can also bring attractive look to these temporary cards, which can contain company logos and information, so that they double as an advertisement or unique style of business card.

Given all of the excellent features of security ID cards, they offer one of the smartest security systems that is available to small businesses and larger enterprises alike. The best way to learn about each of these services in detail is to check out a security ID card systems provider online. Once you get a full picture of the range of services available to you, you’ll want to upgrade your security offerings as soon as possible.