How Technology Could Shape The Courier Industry In The Future


As technology continues to affect how we go about our daily lives, there’s no denying that it is starting to have a profound effect on the way that we send and receive parcels. Whether you are looking to send a parcel to an international location such as Australia using a cheap parcel delivery service, or just to the other side of the country using a local courier, it is now more efficient than ever to do exactly that. Here, we are going to look at how technology is shaping the courier industry and how this will affect parcel delivery in the future.

Accurate tracking

As technology develops, so do the tracking facilities that they are able to use with their parcels. This therefore makes the entire process more streamlined and helps to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the service that they are receiving. Increased capability of tracking allows the courier to give minute by minute updates of where a parcel is at any one time, nearly eliminating the potential risk of loss. Accurate tracking is also beneficial as it allows the customer to be completely in control throughout the entire process. This is particularly useful around Christmas time when the parcel delivery service is hectic with people often impatient while waiting for gifts to be delivered.

Decreased delivery times

Technology is also affecting the courier industry by dramatically decreasing average delivery times. The demand for this decreased delivery time comes as a direct consequence to websites such as Amazon and eBay offering their customers next day delivery and so companies are quickly needing to streamline their supply chain processes and overall route choices for deliveries. Technology will continue to decrease delivery times as it develops, as it will make the courier industry more streamlined and keep it running as efficiently as possible.


This state of the art technology has the potential to completely change the way that parcels are delivered. Not only can it make the entire process more efficient as a whole, it can also relieve some of the pressure off of delivery drivers. Drones are not piloted by on-board entities and can even use a GPS or tracking system to locate where the parcel needs to be delivered. This enables parcels to be sent out the same day and arrive within a smaller time frame, which ultimately caters to consumer demand for faster, more efficient deliveries and even holds potential to improve the delivery service for remote, hard-to-reach locations.

The courier industry is ever-changing as technology improves, however these developments have the potential to make the entire parcel delivery process much more streamlined. Those looking to send a parcel and those receiving parcels from an e-commerce site can more easily receive and send parcels quickly and more often without delay or damages. This will therefore benefit the courier industry as a whole as it will allow for better productivity and efficiency as a whole and, ultimately, allow more business to cater to the demand of their customers. After all, the customer is always right!