How to Boost Your Business Productivity



All businesses are interested in growth in some form; the level of growth is for you to decide. Some companies like to run a tight ship and value quality over quantity, meaning that all tasks are assigned to fully qualified agents; others prefer to increase the margins of possibility and use every inch of opportunity to increase levels of productivity. In this article, we look at some of the ways to grow your business with productivity methods. 

Delegate Tasks 

One of the most efficient ways to boost your business productivity is to delegate more tasks to employees. They may not have all the skills and experience necessary for certain tasks but diversifying the workload opens up more opportunities to take on more work. The drawback is that delegated work may not be completed to the highest standard, but the benefits offset that. You could increase your revenue as well as employee morale. This also creates more specialists in your company. 

Reduce Distractions

Distractions throughout the day are a huge productivity killer in any office. Items such as social media and digital chat rooms can slow down the pace of work and affect revenue. This is harder to control than ever before with workers using personal computers from home. Try not to discourage this downtime too much, even though it seems detrimental. Instead, ask staff to engage with their social media activities at times of low productivity in the day and save their energy for the job. 

Remote Testing 

Remote testing refers to a digital system that uses software to monitor the digital workstations used by employees. The software gathers quantitative and qualitative data that can be used to learn more about user behavior. It is not just for monitoring purposes; the data gathered gives information on how computer systems are being used and can therefore provide avenues for optimizing your systems for greater productivity. Further tests can also be run A/B test your products or understand the nature of your website traffic. 

Productivity Strategies 

The working environment’s nature is changing with more and more companies using digital workstations and work from home solutions. This has also opened up the possibilities for flexitime and increasing productivity by adapting schedules and asking staff to work during their most productive times of the day. This practice refers to energy management as opposed to time management. The 80/20 rule is also useful; it means that 80% of output is based on 20% of input. Focusing your employees on their most productive, 20% is valuable to your company. 

Incentivise Staff 

If your staff is not incentivized somehow, they run the risk of becoming jaded with the same standard workload and lack of opportunities. You can effectively incentivize your staff by offering them tickets and prizes for achievements. Free tickets, reduced memberships, Cars Protection Plus, and community events are all excellent ways to motivate your employees for the company and keep them interested. This has the added benefit of creating some healthy competition within your workforce. Don’t forget to make the rewards genuinely appealing.