How to Build and Market a Business on the Internet


The rise of the internet has created a new category of entrepreneurs. The internet provides a platform for people to run a global company with only a laptop and an internet connection from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, starting and growing an online business is not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few steps to help you build a business on the internet.

  1.   Idea. Almost every industry starts as an idea. Come up with the best business idea. You can try combining one of your hobbies or skills and figure out how you can use it to solve another person’s problems. Once you have the business idea, choose your target group. Study the group and come up with the best way to deliver your value.  Avoid following the “gurus.” Instead, focus on what can help you in your current situation.
  2.   Create a Website. Use WordPress or Squarespace to create a simple website that will advertise what you do and the services or products you offer. You do not have to be an expert to set up a website. Both WordPress and Squarespace have ready-to-edit templates. All you have to do is edit the template and feed it with your content.
  3.   Build an audience. You can start by being a guest on a podcast. You can also guest post on blogs that have several visitors. Additionally, you can write for authority sites. Authority sites can expose you to several potential leads and clients.
  4.   Turn the Audience to Paying Customers. With the right audience, it is time to make money. No matter how small your audience is, start selling your products or services. The small audience will refer their friends to you, and your audience will grow with time. Use simple payment methods such as JJSGlo Payments to avoid delays or any payment complications.

Now that you have an online business, you need to market it to increase your sales. Here are some tips to help you sell your online business.

  1.   Social Media. While most people use social media to gain exposure, you can use it to invest. Use Facebook ads on your Facebook page and create a direct channel with your clients on Twitter. You can also network on LinkedIn to promote your business further.  
  2.   Blog. Blogging will not only expose your company, but it will also provide a direct link to your customers. However, remember to keep your stream up to date as frequently as possible.
  3.   YouTube and Flickr. YouTube provides you with a free method of distributing promotional videos. Nevertheless, you have to post content that people want to view but relevant to your business. People love funny commercials or something that grabs their attention. Flickr allows you to compile all your business photos and link them back to your site.
  4.   Online Community. Every business niche has an online community. However, just signing up and posting about your business will not work. Try to build a rapport with these people by actively contributing to various issues. Passively promote your business and mention it only when the context is right.

With this information you are now ready to become an online entrepreneur.