How To Build True Customer Advocacy


It’s common for companies to forget about the most important aspect of their business, the customer. They are often forgotten and left in the dark about new products and innovations. Companies start to wonder why they’re not performing well, and decide it’s time for a change.

Customers are the backbone of your company. They should be nurtured and cared for with delicacy. It’s critical to have a strategy and plan in place for attaining and retaining customers. You want to earn the trust of your customers and have them like you so much that they tell their friends and family about you. See how to build true customer advocacy.

Build Customer Communities

Connect your customers and let them know about each other. Build a community and have someone on your team moderate it. Give them a place to go online to look for information and post questions and concerns. Host events, have them share pictures on social media and get customers excited about your company and product. Respond to their excitement by showing clients you’re there to support them.

Start Conversations

Talk to your customers and ask them questions. Instead of posting a statement online, inquire about their opinion and solicit their feedback. Engage your customers by answering their questions and responding with solutions. Use social media to show you care and that you hear their voice. The same goes for when you’re in the office. Ask open-ended questions and see if they have a few minutes for an informal chat.

Meet with your Customers

Schedule in-person meetings and get to know your customers on an individual basis. They’ll appreciate the time you take to sit with them and listen to their feedback. Use it as a way to pick their brain and improve your processes. Let them know you’re there as a contact, should they have any questions going forward. Take them out for coffee and get to know them on a personal level. Develop a strong rapport and watch how quickly they become one of your best customers.

Use your Sales Funnel

Successful companies have strong customer advocacy. You must respond to your customer’s needs in a timely fashion and truly understand them. Meet with a sales funnel consulting team who specializes in this line of work. They’ll help you bake customer advocacy into your process, so it’s not forgotten. They understand the importance of loyal advocates and will make sure it becomes the main focus. Customer advocacy is one step you don’t want to miss.

Thank your Customers

You can never thank your customers enough. Make them feel special and appreciated every chance you have in the office and online. Communicate with them through email and on social media with remarks of gratitude. Say you’re sorry if you give them incorrect information or mess up their order. Be honest and truthful in your interactions. Use small acts of kindness to show them that their business means a lot to you. If they leave a review online, respond to it and tell them why you think they’re great.


Customers don’t emerge overnight. It takes hard work and a well-executed strategy to win them over. This is how you build true customer advocacy.