How To Create a Bankroll Management Plan


The legal sports betting industry has taken off over the last two years, and there is no slowing things down at this point. If you haven’t gotten into this industry, then now would be the perfect time to start checking out NHL lines or the odds for another sport. 


BetUS Sportsbook is a great option for betting on live sporting events, and you will find a long list of sports available to wager on. Before you even start thinking about betting on sports though, you are going to need to create a bankroll management plan.


If you are getting into the sports betting industry, then you are hoping to win some money and increase your finances. In order to win money, you are going to have to invest money, but you need to do this in a smart way.


There are certain factors to consider when putting together a bankroll management plan, and this article will put you on the right path. A bankroll management plan is going to be different for everyone, but it’s imperative that you have at least some sort of plan in place. 


Figure Out Your Total Investment

The most important step or factor to consider when putting together a bankroll management plan is how much you are comfortable investing in sports betting. This number will be very different for everyone and it depends on how big or small your bank account currently sits at.


When determining the total investment into sports betting, you need to settle on an amount that won’t have a major impact on your life. You still have to be able to pay the rest of your bills, and this should be a very small percentage of your weekly or monthly income. 


After you have determined how much you are comfortable with using to bet on sports then you can start to piece together the other parts of your plan. 

Size of First Deposit

The next step is to determine how much money you are willing to put up with your initial deposit. Before you can ever place a wager at a site such as BetUS, you will have to put money in your account. 


It might seem like all you need to do is deposit the amount that you settled on, to begin with, but that is never a good plan. Your first deposit can be large, but it should not be all of the money that you were thinking about investing in the first place. 


Having money in your account is going to give you the urge to place a wager and you have to remember that you are just getting started. If you plan on winning some money then you have to be willing to have some patience and restraint. 

How Much Will You Reload?

Hopefully, you won’t even run out of money, but that’s a pretty unrealistic dream or goal. At some point, you will likely have to make another deposit to reload your account after it is empty.


This is going to be your next big decision because you again have to determine how much you can comfortably deposit. If things haven’t been going well for you when betting on sports then you might want to consider only putting a small amount of money in at a time. 

Size of Betting Unit

The final step is to choose the size of your betting unit that you are going to use when making wagers. The best sports bettors would suggest using the same betting unit with each wager, and that does make this decision a bit easier. 


You are going to want to take a look at how much money you have in your account and then only wager a percentage of that every single time. Using a smaller betting unit might not lead to a huge win, but it’s the right strategy to use.